The Standard: Flying High in the Sky with NASA


By Ethan Williams ‘20

The Project Lead the Way engineering students had a treat on March 10 when NASA engineering employee, Dr. Scott Berg, came into the engineering class and talked to the students. He cannot comment on many projects, but he could say he is leading projects at NASA about fuel efficiency.

He talked about orbital rotation and rocket flight procedure. He also commented about planet movements and how his job was to create the algorithms to make space flight efficient and possible. He made sure the space shuttles are fuel efficient, unlike some of our cars.

He dove deep into the orbital […]

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The Standard: French Club


By Ethan Williams ‘20

French Club was a gathering of students of all ages and skill levels to enjoy everything the French culture has to offer.

Many students joined to make French foods like French onion soup and crepes.

After they were done making and enjoying staple French foods, they moved on to some games.

They played many games but the one that stuck out to me was petanque.  Petanque is a fun game of like bowling and curling combined. The player rolled the balls towards the other balls. They scored points by rolling the balls closer to the target then the opponents.

Senior Jermey Zemgulys […]

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The Standard: Building a Relationship with Counselor


By Ethan Williams ‘20

The counseling department at Brother Rice is one of the best in the area. Throughout the four years, students will be assigned one of the many counselors.

Today, Mrs. Antos gave us an inside look at the program. She has been a counselor to many students at Rice and has created many relationships.

Mrs. Antos said, “When freshmen come in, we want to build a relationship with them and make them feel comfortable in their new setting. We meet with freshmen two times, same with the rest of the three years.”

One of Mrs. Antos’s students, senior Kevin Connolly said, “I […]

The Standard: Building a Relationship with Counselor2020-02-22T13:57:14-06:00

The Standard: Louie’s Chophouse


By Ethan Williams ‘20

On a bitterly cold night after a long day of shoveling snow, My girlfriend from Mother McAuley and I went to Louie’s Chophouse.

My girlfriend got a starter salad, water, and parmesan chicken with some veggies. I had a bite of her meal and it was wonderful. The chicken was cooked to perfection and everything just worked and flowed together. She said it was the best chicken ever and wants to go back next weekend.

I had a starter salad, lemonade, and a filet mignon, cooked medium-well. It was the best meal I have had in years. It was perfectly […]

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The Standard: Oak Lawn Police Ride-Along


By Ethan Williams ‘20

Friday, on the graveyard shift, I went on a ride-along with the Oak Lawn Police. I cannot release the officer’s name for privacy reasons.

We started with a calm Friday night, we went to the local Dunkin Donuts and got some black coffee. We had a very slow 1-2 a.m. After that, the action took a turn for the better. We went from call to call to call.

From reckless drivers, to a break in in progress, to a DUI,we had it all within 2 hours.

Then it slowed down at 4 a.m. and we took lunch. We went to Dunkin […]

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The Standard: Saint Xavier Turkey Shootout


By Ethan Williams ‘20

On Thursday, Nov. 21, students from surrounding grade schools competed in the Saint Xavier Annual Turkey Shoot and Family Open Gym. The shootout was hosted in the SXU Shannon Center. This event was open to students under 8th grade.

The students, when paired with someone over 18 years old, are allowed to take part in this shootout to win a frozen turkey or Baker’s Square Gift Card. The cost is $5 per team and that got the teams open gym, arts and crafts, and visits from the SXU Cougar mascot.

They had four winning teams: 2nd grade, 3rd and 4th […]

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The Standard: Football Playoff Game – Brother Rice Vs. Warren


By Ethan Williams ‘20

Warren has struck revenge on the powerhouse, Brother Rice.

After Warren lost 20 to nothing last season, they took that lost to heart and struck out to beat Brother Rice this year, which unfortunately happened last Saturday night.

Warren beat Rice 28-0.

The match was very exciting. The whole game was very close until the latter half of the game when Warren took it to Rice’s defense.

All the Crusaders played their hearts out, and after the game, I caught up with star player Justin Jefferson, who said, “This is very unfortunate; not how I wanted to end the high school season, […]

The Standard: Football Playoff Game – Brother Rice Vs. Warren2019-11-30T00:28:38-06:00

The Standard: The Grind Freak


By Ethan Williams ‘20

The entrepreneurial spirit is running rampant at Brother Rice High School, from lawn care businesses, car washing businesses, to clothing lines. The students are just grinding! That is why star football player, Justin Jefferson created Grind Freak – the Clothing Line made by athletes for athletes.

Justin is the star behind the amazing Brother Rice Football defense and knows grinding very well. While grinding in the weight room, Justin said, “I got inspired by all the fellow Brother Rice students grinding from sports to jobs.”

He is a model student, while maintaining great grades, crushing it in football, and creating […]

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The Standard: Wild Hogs!


By Ethan WIlliams ‘20

On Oct. 26, I took a drive out to Midlothian’s Hog Wild. Accompanying me was Brother Rice senior Kevin Connolly.

Kevin got the “world famous” pork chops and I ordered the BBQ platter. I have recently reviewed Hog Wild’s direct competition, Chuck’s BBQ, and was surprised at the differences of meals.

The first difference was the service; Hog Wild knocked this out of the park. We ordered our meals at the counter and got our Southern sweet tea and went to sit down at our table. It already had someone’s food on the table. We were shocked and thought someone […]

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The Standard: Hidden Gem of BBQ


By Ethan WIlliams ‘20

On Sept. 27, I took a stroll into Chuck’s Southern Comfort Cafe. Chuck’s is a local “hidden gem,” with many offerings including their world famous slow-cooked BBQ with Mexican, Cajun, and South influences.

For starters, they give you great bread and I got a homemade lemonade shake up, which was amazing. I ordered a full plate of their “Sampler,” which included ribs, beef brisket, and pulled pork. It came out within 15 minutes with the best service I have ever had at a restaurant.

The flavors all blended together and it was wonderful. The BBQ was not spicy, but had […]

The Standard: Hidden Gem of BBQ2019-10-03T22:05:15-05:00


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