The Standard: The Departure


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

“Everything will be just fine, everything will be just fine.”

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that during your senior year. It’s your final year before “going into the real world” and, damn, is it a little scary to think about at times! I mean, I’m not even sure what I’m going to be doing next weekend, and now we have to decide what we are going to do for the rest of our lives. Uh-oh!

Although my senior year was amazing, there were some things that I wish I knew before going through the year. One thing that […]

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The Standard: Rice Relays Field Events


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

This past Friday Brother Rice hosted their annual Rice Relays track and field event. It was a great day all around for each event.

Senior Marcus Kennedy put everything he had on the line for the “Running Ugly” Crusaders. Kennedy finished first in the high jump, second for the long jump, and third in the triple jump. Kennedy even attempted a meet record in the high jump and almost had it but fell short.

Preparing for things like that where you only get one chance to complete, it could sure shake you up a bit and make you nervous.

“Before […]

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The Standard: No More Anticipation


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

This past week, I finally attended Kairos. I finally stopped anticipating Kairos, and I am now a member of Kairos 163.

Kairos is such an amazing experience, and I think everyone should consider going on the trip – especially if you have been thinking about it…JUST GO.

Senior Daniel O’Brien said, “I feel like Kairos can really change your life if you are open to everything that happens on the trip. It really opened my eyes, and changed the way I viewed my life.”

Without giving anything about Kairos away, there are several different group activities that help you get […]

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The Standard: Catholic College Fair


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

Brother Rice hosted over 20 different Catholic colleges where juniors were able to get information about the schools. Some of the schools that attended were Quincy University, Loras College, Marquette University, and many more.

Junior Tyler Wojcik said, “Even though I have time to choose where I want to go, it was still nice to get some ideas and to talk with some great colleges.”

Usually when talking about colleges, the religion factor seems to be ignored and you do not really think about it. Having a Catholic college fair for our students is such an advantage for these […]

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The Standard: Anticipating Kairos


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

When you hear someone talking about Kairos, what do you think? Do you think of a time where people get closer with God- a time where people truly find themselves, or do you not know much about Kairos? Is it just some place where people go for a week during the school year with other peers to get a break from school?

Well, for someone who has not gone yet, I will be attending Kairos in March. It is a pretty odd feeling not knowing what to expect. You always hear people talking about Kairos, but they never […]

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The Standard: Snow Day…Maybe?


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

I woke up in the morning and it looked bright out; my first thought was that I overslept, but when I checked my phone, it was only 4:30 a.m. I was a little confused. Instead of sleeping for another 30 minutes and teasing myself, I just got ready a little earlier. As I was going to my basement to grab my laundry, I noticed that it had snowed, and that was the reason for it looking so bright outside.

As a teenage boy, the first thought that came to my head was to try and convince my mom to […]

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The Standard:  The Moments We Live For


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

I recall being dragged to my brother’s soccer game between Brother Rice and Marist known as the Pulaski Cup. While witnessing my first Pulaski Cup, I loved the exciting atmosphere and looked forward to coming back the following year. The games were always close in score and the environment made you want to keep coming back every year.

Now that I am a senior on the BR soccer team, I got to experience the excitement firsthand. When we first got to Marist everyone acted normal but the whole team knew this was a huge game that would be challenging. […]

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