The Standard: Snow Day…Maybe?


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

I woke up in the morning and it looked bright out; my first thought was that I overslept, but when I checked my phone, it was only 4:30 a.m. I was a little confused. Instead of sleeping for another 30 minutes and teasing myself, I just got ready a little earlier. As I was going to my basement to grab my laundry, I noticed that it had snowed, and that was the reason for it looking so bright outside.

As a teenage boy, the first thought that came to my head was to try and convince my mom to […]

The Standard: Snow Day…Maybe?2022-11-28T22:47:58-06:00

The Standard:  The Moments We Live For


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

I recall being dragged to my brother’s soccer game between Brother Rice and Marist known as the Pulaski Cup. While witnessing my first Pulaski Cup, I loved the exciting atmosphere and looked forward to coming back the following year. The games were always close in score and the environment made you want to keep coming back every year.

Now that I am a senior on the BR soccer team, I got to experience the excitement firsthand. When we first got to Marist everyone acted normal but the whole team knew this was a huge game that would be challenging. […]

The Standard:  The Moments We Live For2022-09-27T19:24:56-05:00


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