The Standard: I can’t wait to eat at The Patio when this is over.


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

In the midst of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, our support for local businesses, particularly restaurants, is paramount. All eateries, both big and small, have been forced to drastically adjust their operation strategies. The traditional dining experience has, unfortunately, gone on an involuntary hiatus for over a month now, due to social-distancing mandates.

Anyone who knows me well definitely grasps my deep appreciation for BBQ grub, especially from Chicagoland’s The Patio. The mouthwatering, neighborhood chain has six restaurants, located in Bridgeview, Darien, Orland Park, Lombard, Bolingbrook and Aurora.

For good reason, I’ve ordered the same meal every time at The Patio […]

The Standard: I can’t wait to eat at The Patio when this is over.2020-05-05T23:05:19-05:00

The Standard: I can’t wait to watch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field when this is over.


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

Nothing quite epitomizes summer’s exhilarating vibes more than a Cubs game from the stunning “Friendly Confines.” Wrigleyville’s permeating positivity, easygoing culture and attuned fanbase certify its atmosphere as one of the nation’s best.

For so many, baseball further enlivens an already exuberant season to begin with: summer. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies its societal encroachment, baseball enthusiasts, across Chicagoland and beyond, have been deprived of “America’s pastime.”

A Cubs game at Wrigley Field encompasses so much more than baseball, though. It’s an unforgettable, vibrant experience that fosters arguably the most loyal fanbase in the entire realm of sports. Wrigley […]

The Standard: I can’t wait to watch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field when this is over.2020-05-05T11:40:00-05:00

The Standard: “El Camino” Review


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

Stranded at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a plethora of students have turned to streaming services to fill the void left by mandated social distancing measures. The problem is: How can students ensure that the movie they selected to watch is worthwhile?

There are so many to choose from!

While Netflix offers plenty of solid movie options, “El Camino,” released exclusively on the platform in October of 2019, certainly merits two hours of one’s time.

“El Camino,” a sequel film based on the hit series “Breaking Bad” (which is also available on Netflix), follows the life of main character Jesse […]

The Standard: “El Camino” Review2020-03-27T23:03:26-05:00

The Standard “We Are Columbine” Movie Review


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and mandated social distancing, many students are left to scavenge for entertainment at their own homes, which can admittedly be a difficult task. Nowadays, streaming services, like Hulu, provide such a wide array of films that selecting a worthwhile movie can become a truly daunting endeavor.

But be not afraid.

While Hulu offers plenty of solid movie options, “We Are Columbine,” released in March of 2019, is certainly worth a mere 83 minutes of one’s time.

Directed by Laura Farber, a survivor of the Columbine massacre herself, “We Are Columbine” sheds a unique […]

The Standard “We Are Columbine” Movie Review2020-03-27T21:49:56-05:00

The Standard: Can America’s highest office be bought? Mike Bloomberg apparently thinks so.


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

Isn’t it ironic how an integral component of the 2020 Democrat Party platform was their disdain for billionaires, especially white, old ones? Suddenly, Michael Bloomberg, one of if not the richest man in the U.S., has surged into serious contention for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Despite launching his campaign very late into the primary season, even missing some of the early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire entirely, Bloomberg is polling second overall nationally to socialist Bernie Sanders.

What a contrast: Sanders, a lifelong socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union and hopes to drain the wealth of the […]

The Standard: Can America’s highest office be bought? Mike Bloomberg apparently thinks so.2020-02-29T13:56:16-06:00

The Standard: MLB Spring Training- Chicago’s teams


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

March is just around the corner, and every baseball fan knows what that means: spring training, the first step towards regular season ball.

With the MLB offseason coming to a close and players set to put their nose to the grindstone for another grueling campaign, the Cubs and White Sox are headed in strikingly different directions.

Suddenly, after just a single free agency period, the Chicago White Sox have swiftly snagged the momentum from their rival to the north. The White Sox, a chronic loser for the entire 2010s decade, were a justified afterthought in Chicago’s cutthroat baseball landscape.

But […]

The Standard: MLB Spring Training- Chicago’s teams2020-02-29T13:28:48-06:00

The Standard: Br. Rice Sophomore Basketball Spotlight


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

Often overlooked, but paramount nonetheless.

Certainly for Br. Rice and most high schools nationwide, sophomore basketball serves as a critical stage for player development: not only preparing players for the varsity grind, but also amplifying their overall maturation.

Led by first-year Head Coach Don Duffy ‘83, the sophomore Crusaders have battled to a solid 13-5 (.722 winning percentage) overall record, winning five out of eight contests in the ferocious Chicago Catholic League (CCL).

Along the way, the Crusaders earned first place in both the Fenwick Thanksgiving Tournament and the Shepherd Christmas Tournament, giving themselves a valuable morale boost heading into […]

The Standard: Br. Rice Sophomore Basketball Spotlight2020-02-01T01:28:17-06:00

The Standard: Super Bowl LIV Preview- Chiefs vs 49ers


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

It’s finally here, the day football fans across the globe anxiously anticipate: Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl LIV (54) will kick off Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020, at 5:30 p.m. CT from Hard Rock Stadium in the breathtaking Miami Gardens, FL.

And, oh boy, are football fans due for an exhilarating battle sure to go down soundly in the annals of the NFL.

Featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl LIV will truly headline two powerhouses.

The Chiefs (14-4), led by magical QB and potent MVP contender Patrick Mahomes, possess unquestionably the best offense in pro football. The […]

The Standard: Super Bowl LIV Preview- Chiefs vs 49ers2020-02-01T01:24:48-06:00

The Standard: Thanksgiving – The Most Undervalued Holiday


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

“There is beauty in simplicity.”

Without question, Thanksgiving embodies this aphorism to the core. It’s a holiday for simple individuals- low fan fare, cherished family time, football, and, perhaps most of all, superior grub. However, due to Thanksgiving’s place on the American calendar, the Christmas season’s utter hysteria often overshadows Thanksgiving’s unique characteristics.

Thanksgiving seems more underappreciated now than at any other time in America’s history. Fittingly, sales over 2019’s Black Friday weekend set record high marks across the board, registering $69 billion in total.

Increasingly, people get lost in the true meaning of the Christmas season, due to all […]

The Standard: Thanksgiving – The Most Undervalued Holiday2019-12-14T22:50:04-06:00

The Standard: What Makes Brother Rice Great? BRTV.


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20   (lone senior member of BRTV)

When one thinks of clubs or activities unique to Brother Rice, Brother Rice TV (BRTV) should instinctively come to mind. BRTV gives any interested student, from freshman to senior, an exclusive opportunity to not only commentate athletic contests, but also to learn the principles of livestream production and film.

As a program, BRTV has certainly evolved since its inception four years ago. From an insufficiently funded afterthought to a high school broadcast powerhouse, BRTV’s progression has been nothing short of remarkable. Club moderator Patrick Creed, who has a Broadcast Journalism degree from Marquette University, […]

The Standard: What Makes Brother Rice Great? BRTV.2019-11-10T15:27:17-06:00


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