The Standard: The Chicago Bulls- Disappointment at Its Peak


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

“I’m not mad; I’m just disappointed.”

No child takes pleasure from his/her parents uttering the aforementioned phrase. Likewise, as this pithy saying reverberates constantly throughout the Chicago Bulls’ loyal fanbase, the Bulls’ front office shouldn’t interpret fans’ concerns lightly.

Going into the 2020 campaign, the majority of fans were optimistic, holding a firm belief that Chicago’s sole NBA squad could, at the very least, play competitively and contend for a back-end playoff seed. However, through their first eight games, the Bulls have only two victories, a .250 win percentage. Not to mention, half of the Bulls demoralizing defeats have come […]

The Standard: The Chicago Bulls- Disappointment at Its Peak2019-11-09T22:34:38-06:00

The Standard: Kevin Cronin ‘69- Brother Rice’s Finest


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

Without question, Nov. 7, 2019, will go down as one of the fondest days in Brother Rice history. On this seemingly routine Thursday afternoon, Kevin Cronin, esteemed musician and lead vocalist for REO Speedwagon, returned to 99th and Pulaski for the first time since his high school days to celebrate his 50th anniversary of graduation.

And he was welcomed back with wide-open arms.

Arguably the most societally accomplished graduate of Br. Rice, Cronin’s return was commemorated with an all-school assembly in the South Gym. Cronin not only conducted a Q&A session with a handful of broadcast students, but he […]

The Standard: Kevin Cronin ‘69- Brother Rice’s Finest2019-11-08T15:45:52-06:00

The Standard: Joe Maddon – The Cubs’ Newest Scapegoat


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20


That word holds some weight in virtually every major league sports franchise. Heck, eight NFL head coaches were fired after the 2018 season alone.

But for the Chicago Cubs, “scapegoat” carries a particular significance. For instance, the Cubs’ historic World Series drought was caused not by decades worth of poor performance on the field, but rather by the infamous “Curse of the Billy Goat.” The 2003 Cubs’ postseason run was derailed solely by lifelong fan Steve Bartman’s mental gaffe in the left field stands; defensive errors and poor management made no detrimental impact.

Coming into a franchise renowned for abstract […]

The Standard: Joe Maddon – The Cubs’ Newest Scapegoat2019-10-16T01:57:57-05:00

The Standard: 2019 College Fair – Another Success


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

As expected, the annual Brother Rice/Mother McAuley College Fair extended its track record of success on Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019. Typically, between 180 and 200 college representatives attend the event, which enables students to interactively assess a plethora of schools for their individual wants and needs.

The fair itself takes place in various areas on both the Brother Rice and Mother McAuley campuses. In past years, Br. Rice has had both the north and south gyms, along with the cafeteria, at their disposal to accommodate representatives. However, the Br. Rice Counseling Department was limited to solely the gym spaces […]

The Standard: 2019 College Fair – Another Success2019-10-10T17:11:32-05:00


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