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The Standard: Grit Clothing Company


By Henry Barsch ‘20

On the South Side of Chicago, pride runs deep in the culture. So deep, that two men from Garfield Ridge, Joe Wodark and Mike Vaickus, have created a clothing brand stemming from their love for everything South Side.

These two have sought to model their company, Grit Clothing Company, after the values the South Side seems to embody. They identified the word “grit” as a central theme and felt that it touched all aspects of the South Side life.

The Grit Clothing Company says it best themselves; posted on their website is a brand statement that the company follows. The […]

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The Standard: 2020 Brother Rice Basketball Preview


By Henry Barsch ‘20

Over the last four years, the expectations for Brother Rice basketball have been extremely high.

After the tandem of Josh Niego and Mike Shepski in 2017, Brother Rice progressed with two stellar season with Marquise Kennedy. Coming off a 22-9 season, and their second 20 win season in three years, the Crusaders are expected to repeat their recent success.

And they are already off to a burning hot start.

Seven games into the season, the Crusaders are 3-0 in Chicago Catholic League Blue play, 5-2 in overall play, and already have a big win over St. Rita.

Senior Deandre Hagan scored 20 […]

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The Standard: A New and Old Look at “The Terminator”


By Henry Barsch ‘20

In what does not seem like too long ago, “The Terminator” hit the theaters in 1984. What was at first a low-budget and low-risk movie directed by James Cameron became a smashing success. It made $78.3 million at the box office on a $6.4 million budget.

For all those who grew up on “The Terminator” and its critically acclaimed sequel “Terminator 2: Judgement Day,” you know how important these movies are to American film history. They have become a hallmark in storytelling, computer generated imaging (CGI), and action.

“Terminator 2: Judgement Day” launched the CGI era as we know it […]

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The Standard: The Worst Half of Football Ever


By Henry Barsch ‘20

I am sure I am like every other Bears fan in Chicago when I say that last Sunday’s game against the Eagles was just absolutely brutal. Gut wrenching. Abysmal. Painful.

Every adjective you can come up with will not equate to how I felt watching the first half of “football” the Bears played.

To sum up how bad that half was, the Bears finished the half with nine total yards of offense. The Bears had just one first down to account for. At one point, the Bears had negative one yards of offense. They could not even generate enough plays […]

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The Standard: Rice Soccer Continues Upward Trend


By Henry Barsch ‘20

In one of the most turbulent seasons in recent memory, Brother Rice soccer seems to be finally finding its footing.

Over the past 3 years, Rice has seen some of the worst soccer in school history. In 2016, the team managed a measly one win. With the program seemingly hitting rock bottom with little improvement in 2017, the program really had trouble finding its way back into winning ways. But in 2018, the team managed to find some success, going 7-8-4 during the season.

This year, the Crusaders have really pushed to move up to the next level. Currently, the […]

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The Standard: 2019 White Sox – A Season in Review


By Henry Barsch ‘20

It has been a very long decade for the South Side.

Over the last 12 years, the Chicago White Sox have not made the playoffs once. Not one time. But this year showed me that there is hope in our storied franchise for the upcoming decade.

As a younger White Sox fan, I cannot remember the last time the White Sox made the postseason. I have no memories of 2005, and no memories of the infamous “blackout” game of 2008. I have never known White Sox success. Until now.

The 2019 White Sox were really something special. Not because they have […]

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