The Standard: I Can’t Wait To Eat at Ricobene’s


By Henry Barsch ‘20

Something else I cannot wait to resume is eating out at Ricobene’s on 26th St.

It is something I have been doing since I was a sophomore. Not long after I got my license, somebody took me down to Ricobene’s. I cannot remember who showed me the spot for the life of me, but I am forever grateful for their contributions to my palate.

Based on 26th and almost Princeton, Ricobene’s is in a very good spot in the city. Right south of Chinatown and the South Loop and East of Bridgeport, the famed location is not too far from […]

The Standard: I Can’t Wait To Eat at Ricobene’s2020-05-05T22:59:41-05:00

The Standard: I Can’t Wait to Go to a Movie


By Henry Barsch ‘20

I cannot wait to go to a movie.

During this pandemic, I have been watching a decent amount of television and cinema. Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are all my best friends during this time. Although these services are all wonderful, there is one thing I miss the most: the movie theaters.

Going to the AMC Theater in Crestwood off Cicero Ave. and Cal Sag Rd. is always a good time for me. I have many fond memories of films seen in that place. From going with friends to family, it always has a good movie in store.

From a young age […]

The Standard: I Can’t Wait to Go to a Movie2020-05-05T21:39:52-05:00

The Standard: “Back to the Future Part III” Movie Review


By Henry Barsch ‘20

“Back to the Future” is a name that is iconic to every American household.

The series is getting older, but it holds up extremely well. Starting with “Back to the Future” in 1985, the series was an instant success and pop culture phenomenon. Grossing $389 million and being critically acclaimed, it instantly warranted two sequels.

Each film is epic and a star on its own accord. BTTF 1 set up many iconic moments and phrases for decades to come. George punching Biff? Iconic. BTTF 2 goes even further, making predictions all over the place. Some of these even came true, […]

The Standard: “Back to the Future Part III” Movie Review2020-03-27T22:19:19-05:00

The Standard: “21” Movie Review


By Henry Barsch ‘20

Coronavirus is upon us. As we are pretty much stuck inside all day, we all need a getaway from the boredom that grips us all.

It is almost as if the week molds together into one long day with not much to do.

But fear not! Streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu are here to save our skins.

A movie I have watched recently on Netflix is “21,” a gambling thriller with a bit of action towards the end of the film. The film was released in 2008 and was a box office success, but a critical failure. It is […]

The Standard: “21” Movie Review2020-03-27T22:00:30-05:00

The Standard: Stop the Bleed Event at Brother Rice


By Henry Barsch ‘20

On Feb. 7, Advocate Christ Medical Group paid a visit to Brother Rice to teach the sophomore class about stopping blood loss in emergency situations.

The 140 sophomores, split into four manageable groups, visited the south gym in stations throughout their sophomore retreat. The sophomore retreat, an annual event, is run and managed by the Brother Rice Peer Ministry program, headed by Campus Minister Joe Augustyn.

The sophomores were taught many techniques relating to heavy blood loss in emergency situations, ranging from applying tourniquets to packing wounds.

The main reason for this event is to spread awareness in preparation for events […]

The Standard: Stop the Bleed Event at Brother Rice2020-02-29T14:09:39-06:00

The Standard: XFL 2.0


By Henry Barsch ‘20

It’s back and better than ever. The XFL seems like it is here to stay (for longer than one season at least).

The league is back from the dead, with founder Vince McMahon at the helm of it all. McMahon, who also owns the WWE and other media, had founded the original XFL back in 1999, where it ran for only one season in 2001.

But this XFL seems determined and destined to stay, for at least a little while.

Detractors of the league were worried the league would end up like last year’s forgettable Alliance of American Football (AAF), which […]

The Standard: XFL 2.02020-02-29T13:25:15-06:00

The Standard: Rice Continues Domination Over Rival Marist


By Henry Barsch ‘20

Every year, it is one of the most anticipated basketball matchups on the South Side of Chicago: Marist vs. Brother Rice. People from all over come to watch the two rivals slug it out for a years’ worth of bragging rights.

This year’s edition took place on Tuesday at Marist, with Rice winning the contest 55-47. The head-to-head record of the two teams is now 17-15 in Rice’s favor.

The game had an electric feel as always, with both the Marist and Rice student sections cheering for their team the best they can. The game was also close the entire […]

The Standard: Rice Continues Domination Over Rival Marist2020-02-01T01:31:02-06:00

The Standard: McGregor Makes Quick Work of Cerrone


By Henry Barsch ‘20

40 seconds.

Just 40 seconds had passed, but the UFC matchup between Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Conor McGregor was already over.

In one of the most highly anticipated fights in recent memory, the famed fighter from Dublin, Ireland made quick work of the American veteran. The matchup was not preceded by McGregor’s famous trash talk, as he demonstrated immense respect for Cerrone at the weigh-in and press conference.

The fight began with a couple swings from each side, but it very quickly became a close quarters fight. As the two fighters grappled with each other, McGregor threw a few shoulders into […]

The Standard: McGregor Makes Quick Work of Cerrone2020-02-01T01:22:21-06:00

The Standard: Grit Clothing Company


By Henry Barsch ‘20

On the South Side of Chicago, pride runs deep in the culture. So deep, that two men from Garfield Ridge, Joe Wodark and Mike Vaickus, have created a clothing brand stemming from their love for everything South Side.

These two have sought to model their company, Grit Clothing Company, after the values the South Side seems to embody. They identified the word “grit” as a central theme and felt that it touched all aspects of the South Side life.

The Grit Clothing Company says it best themselves; posted on their website is a brand statement that the company follows. The […]

The Standard: Grit Clothing Company2019-12-15T17:54:43-06:00

The Standard: 2020 Brother Rice Basketball Preview


By Henry Barsch ‘20

Over the last four years, the expectations for Brother Rice basketball have been extremely high.

After the tandem of Josh Niego and Mike Shepski in 2017, Brother Rice progressed with two stellar season with Marquise Kennedy. Coming off a 22-9 season, and their second 20 win season in three years, the Crusaders are expected to repeat their recent success.

And they are already off to a burning hot start.

Seven games into the season, the Crusaders are 3-0 in Chicago Catholic League Blue play, 5-2 in overall play, and already have a big win over St. Rita.

Senior Deandre Hagan scored 20 […]

The Standard: 2020 Brother Rice Basketball Preview2019-12-14T22:53:54-06:00


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