The Standard: Senior Year Summary of a Legend


By Jack Aler ‘19

My senior year was overall an amazing cap to my high school career.

Every day at Brother Rice has been filled with memories, so it will be hard to narrow them down to my favorites.

A group of favorite experiences I have were made at Brother Rice football games. We were lucky enough to have an amazing football team this year.

As per usual, seniors are supposed to be in charge of the fan section. I feel that I was a leader of the Crusader Crazies, so it was awesome to have a great team to cheer on.

Through cheering for our […]

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The Standard: Michael “Barstool Carl” Sterk Imparts Wisdom Upon Brother Rice Students


By Jack Aler ‘19

March 15, 2019 was the annual Career Day at Brother Rice High School. Although we had many interesting speakers, the most captivating was Michael Sterk, known under the alias Barstool Carl.

Barstool Carl has long been a neighbor and friend of our English IV – Journalism teacher Mrs. Pacetti. Thanks to her and a call from fellow classmate John Stillman, we were able to get this up-and-coming legend to speak to our class.

For those who do not know, Barstool Sports is a multi-million-dollar company that has branches all over the United States, but was founded in Milton, Massachusetts. Barstool […]

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The Standard: March Madness Preview


By Jack Aler ‘19

High stake wagers, calculated masterminds and the luckiest of individuals all make up this great month of glory. March Madness is possibly the greatest championship in the history of sports.

Duration makes this event beautiful. Day 1 of the tournament is just as entertaining, if not more, as the championship game.

Every year, this tournament comes with high temptations, which may be what makes everything all the more interesting. What Chicago kid would care if Rhode Island went far in the tournament? The answer is any kid with a bet on the line.

So, my goal is to inform all of […]

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The Standard: Redhawks at Crusaders Basketball


By Jack Aler ‘19

The greatest game ever played was Marist at Brother Rice basketball in 2017. Mike Shepski ‘17 hit a game tying 3-pointer to send the game into overtime. Brother Rice then went on to win. This rivalry, no matter the sport, always proves to be entertaining. So, in short, my expectations were high going into this game.

As the Crusader Crazies filed into the south gym, wearing their bathrobes and boxers, they got to see their sophomore team win a hard fought game 47-37 to improve to a 12-7 record. This game was the perfect opening to get the fans’ […]

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