The Standard: Jack’s Journey at Brother Rice


By Jack McShane ‘19

My experience at Brother Rice has been much better than what I could have possibly dreamt of. Meeting new people, watching Rice beat Marist, ping-pong at lunch, and long nights on Kairos were some of the main highlights throughout the past four years.

If 8th grade Jack McShane tried to predict what my life would be like today, I wouldn’t have an answer. Who would my friends be? What would I do on the weekends? What would I be doing for college?

I would be lost for words.

My experience at Brother Rice has had a ton of ups and downs. […]

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The Standard: The Bagpiping Crusader


By Jack McShane ‘19

The cornerstone of every Saint Patrick’s Day parade is the unique bagpipe sound. The bagpipers are very skilled, and most of them have been practicing for many years. Little do most Crusaders know, we have a bagpiper in the senior class.

Andrew Thompson began his Irish music career during his freshman year. Andrew said, “I first started learning how to play the bagpipes at Brother Rice through Irish Music Club. Mr. Dunne set up the bagpipe division of Irish Music Club with bagpipe instructor Luke Cunningham. I started my freshman year, which was fun because my brother (Will) was […]

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