The Standard: A Redeveloped Website for Our Amazing Articles


By Jack Ross ‘19

In comparison to the infinite number of URLs on the internet, lives on the more simple side. Located near the other Brother Rice related news and media on the recently redesigned Brother Rice website, the URL has the simple task of housing the official school newspaper. However, to the wonderful writers of The Standard and my fellow classmates in English 4 Journalism, it is so much more.

To the students in English 140 & 145, what I consider to be a dry title in comparison to the writing and other work we do, The Standard’s website is […]

The Standard: A Redeveloped Website for Our Amazing Articles2019-04-11T21:53:15-05:00

The Standard: The Creation of Edmund V


By Jack Ross ‘19

The Brother Rice Robotics Club, Crusader Robotics, has been building remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) for five years. This year, the ROV, nicknamed Edmund V, is more powerful, advanced, and hydrodynamic than ever before.

Instead of having a frame made from PVC and propellers powered by boat pump motors, Edmund V features a plastic hydrodynamic frame construction, water thrusters designed specifically for ROVs, and many custom 3D printed parts. The plastic is similar to what plastic cutting boards are made from and is not only more durable, but is easier to work with and presents a more visually pleasing […]

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