The Standard: Migrants Return Home After Arriving in US


By Jacob Harden ‘24

President Joe Biden’s open border policy is extremely controversial, splitting people between whether or not all migrants should be allowed into the country without proper documents. However, one of the biggest surprises is that the migrants are beginning to return home.

Many migrants leave their homeland for multiple reasons such as poverty, joblessness, unsafe living conditions. However, the migrants are beginning to leave the United States because of the same reason. The freezing weather conditions of the northern states are too much for many of the migrants. Some are also having trouble enrolling their children into school.

Multiple students have […]

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The Standard: The Homecoming Band


By Jacob Harden ‘24

The Brother Rice Band was wonderful at the homecoming game and the pep rally, but its better to see who is behind the instruments.

Mr. Richard Alfantis, Brother Rice’s new band director and music teacher, is filled with school spirit and goals to excite the crowd.

Mr. Alfantis said it was not harder preparing for this game than the others, given that it was homecoming: “We are only working on one marching show this year and it is very challenging. The band has spent much of its time rehearsing the music and drill necessary for this show. The pep band […]

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The Standard: Fuji Japanese Steakhouse


By Jacob Harden ‘24

Tucked away in a line of Polish stores lies a small yet unassuming restaurant named Fuji Japanese Steakhouse. Located in the heart of the southwest suburbs, Fuji is a family owned restaurant that always prides itself on great food, and even better customer service. This beautiful restaurant was opened in 1986, and has been owned and operated by Lisa Jung for over 35 years!

Entering the establishment, you are first met with beautiful Japanese artwork and the friendly faces of the staff. With Mark being the front of house manager, his excellent customer service skills truly earn this place […]

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