The Standard: I can’t wait to hang out with my friends when this is over.


By James Littleton ‘20

As simple as it may sound, the statement above cannot be more true.

Whether it’s a poker night, bonfire, or going on trips with my best friends; those kinds of things have never seemed so necessary.

In these trying times, I’ve had an amazing time spending time with my family, but as almost all of my closest friends will be splitting to different colleges this fall, there’s no other people I’d like to spend my time with than my friends.

Some of my most cherished memories have been made with this group of Crusaders, and I’m so thankful this amazing school […]

The Standard: I can’t wait to hang out with my friends when this is over.2020-05-05T12:18:27-05:00

The Standard: “Open Season” Movie Review


By James Littleton ‘20

If you’re like most people right now, then you’re probably finding yourself stuck in the house throughout this awful pandemic.

But what if I told you there was a small, very entertaining temporary escape from all the craziness…

That escape is the funny family friendly film “Open Season” on Netflix directed by Jill Culton and Roger Allers.

The movie was released back in 2006 and growing up, I’ve probably seen it upwards of 100 times. Something about the feel and plot always has me back wanting to just watch it again and again.

The film opens with the main character Boog, a […]

The Standard: “Open Season” Movie Review2020-03-27T21:46:24-05:00

The Standard: The Inaugural House Eating Competition


By James Littleton ‘20

On a rather Twinkie Tuesday at Brother Rice, the first annual House Eating Competition took place, and boy, was it exciting!

All the students gathered in the main gym, sitting with their respected houses. The music blared and all focus was on the upcoming students ready to take on the challenge and bring home the most points to their house.

There were four rounds of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and then seniors. The freshman had four bags of french fries, the sophomores had ten Twinkies, the juniors had a classic Wojo shake, and the seniors topped it off with a good […]

The Standard: The Inaugural House Eating Competition2020-02-29T13:33:02-06:00

The Standard: Alex Roche Commits to St. Thomas


By James Littleton ‘20

Senior DE Alex Roche gratefully announced he’ll be continuing his student-athlete career at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn.

He’ll be joining former teammates from last year’s Crusader team, Joe Fitzgerald and Johnny Bean.

When asked about joining his friends, Alex said, “I already have fallen in love with the school itself, and having those guys is the sweetest cherry on top.”

There’s no question our Crusaders will be having a grand ole’ time together again.

To make things more appetizing, earlier this year, the football team was booted from the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. They were given an […]

The Standard: Alex Roche Commits to St. Thomas2020-02-06T23:23:49-06:00

The Standard: Alex Roche’s Big (man) Interception


By James Littleton ‘20

For most big men on the line, the last thing they are expecting is to get an interception.

This was not the case for #3 defensive lineman Alex Roche.

Roche’s tenacious timing and skilled defense allowed him to pick off the ball from #11 Michael Priarmi and run his tail as far as he could before being taken down. The play sparked a noticeable spark in the entire team, especially the sidelines, with players dancing and celebrating the rare occasion of “the big man interception.”

When asked how he felt about the honor, Roche said, “I was just in the right […]

The Standard: Alex Roche’s Big (man) Interception2019-11-09T22:28:42-06:00

The Standard: College Athletes Receiving Paid Endorsements


By James Littleton ‘20

The great debate of whether college athletes should be earning money may be nearing a conclusion. Under Governor Gavin Newsom, California lawmakers have approved a bill that would allow players in the state to profit off their name, image and likeness. The King himself, Lebron James, played a major role in bringing this bill to life.

This is a pivotal and monumental moment to all NCAA athletes who believe they should earn some type of payment. Quite frankly, it seems the NCAA takes advantage of athletes who work hard and produce high funds for their institutions and the NCAA […]

The Standard: College Athletes Receiving Paid Endorsements2019-10-21T21:06:48-05:00


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