The Standard: The Last Laugh


By Jimmy Hogan ‘22

My senior year at Brother Rice was one to remember but the times I will remember the most was from August to November. During that period was the football season.

After working hard all summer the season had finally arrived. Once I realized I was starting the first game at Hillcrest, there was no better feeling. Football is not special because of the actual game but being able to take the field with your brothers is something that I will never forget.

Football gave me so many memories and I was able to form relationships that will last a lifetime.

One […]

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The Standard: The Battle of Pulaski: Rugby Edition


By Jimmy Hogan ‘22

This past Friday the Brother Rice Rugby team faced off with the Marist Redhawks at Tom Mitchell Field. The final score of the match up was 12-12 resulting in a tie.

The weather at kickoff consisted of sleet which covered the field in slush. The temperatures were also very frigid and affected much of the play throughout the night.

Junior forward Nick Dorn said, “It was challenging to run and make plays while the temperature dropped and as the field became soaked.”

The game started off with both teams moving up and down the field for a while. This led to […]

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The Standard: MLB Lockout


By Jimmy Hogan ‘22

The Major League Baseball Players Association was in negotiations with the MLB for a while. The lockout was long-lasting and a drag. This lockout affected our fans the most.

Jack Lausch, a baseball player at Brother Rice said “I am happy that the players and owners came to an agreement and that baseball is back. It is going to be a really great season.”

Many fans were excited about baseball coming back but some fans were upset that the lockout pushed back the season once again. Baseball will not have a full season this year and will have to be […]

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The Standard: Snow Days


By Jimmy Hogan ‘22

Over this past week, the Chicagoland area was hit with massive amounts of snow. The Brother Rice community was also affected by this snowfall.

Last week school was canceled on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday the snow hit our area very hard. This included 10 inches of snow with the streets being backed up. This forced Brother Rice to fully cancel school last Wednesday.

The snow continued into the night and the early morning so schools in the area decided on asynchronous e-learning on Thursday. This was the first e-learning since the pandemic.

Many Brother Rice students were also affected by […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Celebrates Thanksgiving


By Jimmy Hogan ‘22

After a long year of the pandemic, Brother Rice is now able to celebrate Thanksgiving the right way. Many families are finally able to get together for the first time since 2019. The pandemic has changed many people’s lives.

Thanksgiving is now the start of bringing back old traditions for many families. Brother Rice families especially are now planning on having a traditional Thanksgiving.

Senior Danny Curran spoke about how he celebrates Thanksgiving. He said, “On the day of Thanksgiving, I go over to my uncle’s where we watch football and have a big meal. The next Friday, I head […]

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The Standard: Mother’s Club Mum Sale


By Jimmy Hogan ‘22

In September, the Brother Rice Mothers Club hosted the annual mum sale. The Mothers Club does very good work for the school and the mum sale is a big part of it.

Many people from across the neighborhood lined up to purchase mums for the support of Brother Rice. Students helped the moms unload the truck and give out flowers to the generous customers.

The money raised from the mum sale was reinvested back into the school. Many people do not know about the work the Mothers Club does for Brother Rice High School.

Senior Pat Galeher helped move the flowers: […]

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