The Standard: We’ll be Seeing Ya


By Jimmy Navarrete ‘23

It is crazy to think that after these last couple of weeks, I will not be returning to Brother Rice for another year of school. It is definitely a bittersweet feeling; I can’t wait to be on summer break and to be done with school, but part of me is really going to miss this place and the memories I have created.

I like to look back on my senior year splitting it up into three sections, the fall, winter, and spring time periods. I spent most of my time in the fall staying busy during the start of […]

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The Standard: 2023 NFL Draft Preview


By Jimmy Navarrete ‘23

Draft season is upon us! This is the time when all NFL fan bases wait patiently to see who will wear their team colors next season. This time can either make or break a fan base’s spirit. We Chicago Bear fans know this feeling, almost too well, flashing back to when we drafted Kevin White, a wide receiver out of West Virginia University. He got hurt a couple of times; I don’t know what he’s up to today. The draft pick can go the other way, and we end up with a stud like Justin Fields, who I […]

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The Standard: White Sox Opening Day Preview


By Jimmy Navarrete ‘23

The 2023 Major League Baseball season is upon us! Spring training and the World Baseball Classic has just ended, creating great hype for this year’s MLB season. All the stars are back playing with their respective ball clubs, including Chicago White Sox shortstop, Tim Anderson, who is back from playing with Team USA. While he was gone, the rest of the Sox held the fort down in Arizona. Now it is time for the summer fun to start!

White Sox Fan Nolan Navarrete ‘24 said, “I am super excited to watch this team compete this year. This season is […]

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The Standard: Crusaders Bring Home Some Hardware


By Jimmy Navarrete ‘23

The Brother Rice Crusaders ended the regular season accounting for the most wins in Brother Rice history with 27 regular season wins. The regular season went by fairly quickly-now the real season starts. Rice took care of business against Eisenhower High School in the regional semifinal. Now, the only thing left to do was to take home the regional championship on friday.

We are excited to go out there and compete for a regional championship,” said senior Ryan Kenney prior to the game vs Andrew.

The scene was set – Andrew High School vs. Brother Rice for the regional championship. […]

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The Standard: Crusaders take on the Caravan


By Jimmy Navarrete ‘23

The Brother Rice basketball team was on a roll heading into their rivalry game against the Mount Carmel Caravan. The Crusaders are sitting at 23-3 (9-2 in conference) and the Caravan holds a strong record of 21-3 (5-1 in conference). This was a matchup between two of the state’s most electrifying guards in Brother Rice’s Ahmad Henderson and Mount Carmel’s Deandre Craig.

Coming off of a great road win at De La Salle on Tuesday, the Crusaders looked to finish the year out strong in conference play. Everyone knew this was going to be a battle. Two of the […]

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The Standard: Crusader Basketball Home Opener


By Jimmy Navarrete ‘23

After winning the Riverside Brookfield Thanksgiving Tournament, the Crusaders are back at home. Last Tuesday, the Crusaders hosted Morgan Park High School in their home opener. This was a big time game not only for the Crusaders, but also for the Mustangs of Morgan Park. Going into the game, Morgan Park found success going 4-0 in their Thanksgiving tournament.

Having Morgan Park being a well-respected basketball program, this was a great matchup for the home opener. Two teams coming off big weekends; it was bound to be a great night of basketball on Pulaski.

Senior forward Khalil Ross said, “It […]

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The Standard: Teacher Feature – Mr. Joe Augustyn


By Jimmy Navarrete ‘23

Mr. Augustyn has been at Brother Rice for the majority of his teaching career. Every morning, Mr Augustyn sits at a desk right outside of the cafeteria greeting students as they walk into school. That is just one example of how Mr. Augustyn represents our school motto “Be Exceptional.” Mr. Augustyn started his teaching career teaching different types of math classes; nowadays, he teaches theology and peer ministry classes.

Mr. Augustyn has been working here for 38 years, before Brother Rice he spent time at Montini Catholic for two years. Mr. Augustyn said he chose to be a teacher […]

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The Standard: My Life Changing Experience


By Jimmy Navarrete ‘23

Last week Brother Rice held its first Kairos retreat, Kairos 160, of the 2022-23 school year. Most graduates consider Kairos one of their favorite upperclassmen memories. I had the privilege of going on Kairos 160. I am going to take you through my thought process leading up to the retreat and a brief reflection because I can’t tell you what went on during the retreat. Don’t anticipate, participate!

A couple of my friends went on it last year and had a great time, so I decided to take their advice and give Kairos a chance. When handing my permission […]

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