The Standard: Senior Year Reflection


By Joe Fitzgerald ‘19

Time you enjoy wasting, is not time wasted. John Lennon said that, and it is one of my all-time favorite quotes.

This year I haven’t always done everything I could to get an A, or put in the most time for math or psychology, but I have had an absolute blast. Instead of studying or doing the extra work, I was goofing around, laughing with my friends, and being petty. To be honest I don’t regret any of it.

When all the grades are forgotten and lessons taught escape the mind, nobody is going to remember that one test you […]

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The Standard: The Times We’ve Had


By Joe Fitzgerald ‘19

When I think of my time at Rice,

Not every day was always nice.

Some were hard, some were sad,

Some made me feel really bad.

Some days I cried, some days I failed,

Some days I felt sick and bailed.

But never did I doubt in my mind,

Going to Brother Rice was God’s design.

From joyful after school talks with my friends,

To summer practices we thought would never end.

The moments that once seemed so small,

Ended up being the biggest of them all.

Times full of happiness like these you see,

Are the ones that warm our hearts and make us feel glee.

Although I must now move […]

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The Standard: Is Heaven Among Us?


By Joe Fitzgerald ‘19

“Field of Dreams” is a classic cinematic masterpiece about one man’s quest for closure years after his father’s death. He finally finds what he is looking for after his dad comes to his farm turned baseball field, and believes he is in heaven. I love “Field of Dreams” for multiple reasons, but it made me think instead of being in the sky or somewhere nobody can reach, could heaven be among us.

Maybe a building complex used to be a park where children played until sundown, or a shopping mall may have been a neighborhood at some point in […]

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The Standard: Why is Brother Rice Special?


By Joe Fitzgerald ‘19

Those who have never experienced the culture at Brother Rice will never be able to relate to my feelings about this school. In the old, worn out parts of the building, lies something extremely special – a home away from home. A place where someone like me can come to realize all of the dreams I have set for myself.

What separates a house from a home? A house is just a building, a structure made of wood, metal, brick, etc. On the other hand, a home is something a […]

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