The Standard: The Drama Club Dilemma


By John Finnell ‘22

The Brother Rice Drama Club is back at last, preparing for their next show, a live performance of the timeless classic “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.” After the cancellation and comeback of last year’s show, the Drama Club is once again under threat of cancellation.

This time, COVID-19 is not to blame for the Drama Club’s troubles. Plenty of precautions have been taken to keep things safe, both for practice and the show. No, the problem this time around is much simpler; there just aren’t enough members.

Though the show has been in production for months, there just aren’t enough actors […]

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The Standard: Application Anticipation


By John Finnell ‘22

Once again, we find ourselves in the first days of November, which means the first major deadline for college applications has passed: early action. As students panic to finish up essays and send in their letters of recommendation, it seems prudent to examine what has caused this rush.

Even the most prepared students seem to be scrambling with the many, many parts of college applications, Common App and others. Teachers and counselors, too, are overwhelmed with letters of recommendation and transcript requests.

College counselor Clare Foertsch said, “We’ve been saying this since the start of the year, so we wouldn’t […]

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The Standard: A Quality Cafeteria


By John Finnell ‘22

The cafeteria is the oasis of Brother Rice, a much needed break from hard classes and boredom. However, in recent years, the food offered in the cafeteria has declined in quality. The tragedy of the “Old Cookies” has been echoed by the upperclassmen of Brother Rice endlessly. The rising prices and the new menu options were met with little interest from the student body.

However, it seems there is a change on the horizon; finally, the cafeteria is on its way up. Every day, more and more students are in line, looking for cheap food or a sweet cookie. […]

The Standard: A Quality Cafeteria2021-10-01T19:56:10-05:00

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