The Standard: Back in Blood


By Josh Sutker ‘23

Many people still remember the heartbreaking loss to the Joliet Catholic Academy Hilltoppers in last year’s homecoming game. After going back and forth, the Hilltoppers came out on top 56-49.

Something was in the air last week that fell over the football team.

Senior Trey Pierce said, “It was intense, we all wanted it as a team. We knew that the team who wanted it more would come out on top.”

Traveling out to Joliet allowed the players time to lock in before the game.

Senior Owen Gorman said, “The bus was silent. We were all listening to our music and getting […]

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The Standard: The Dreaded Parent Teacher Conference


By Josh Sutker ‘23

Once upon a time, there was a little freshman named Jimmy. Jimmy has been at Brother Rice for ten weeks, and they have been the best ten weeks of his life so far. He has made many new friends, gone to every home football game, and just attended to his first high school dance.

All is well, and Jimmy is care-free. This week is very, very, very special. IT IS MARIST WEEK! Jimmy will finally get to experience the “Battle of Pulaski” firsthand. Plus, there is no school on Friday. Man, this week sure is going to be special!

Jimmy […]

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The Standard: “The Wizard of Zou”


By Josh Sutker ‘23

Everyone in the Brother Rice community knows about the man behind the camera. At every sporting event last year, he was either taking pictures, broadcasting in his bright orange jacket, or playing defense for the lacrosse team. Jacob “Wiz” Wizgird ‘22 began to churn out content at the beginning of the football season last year, and it only got better with time.

Wizgird’s passion for videography and photography began in the BRTV club. He was able to cover the game from a different angle and started to realize how cool sports were, especially on 99th and Pulaski.

Wizgird had the […]

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