The Standard: It all ends here


By Julius Lujano ‘22

My experience at Rice was a unique one compared to others that have graduated. The biggest difference in my experience at Rice is the obvious one.

Covid hit in my sophomore year.  So in reality, I have been in the school for only 3 years if you account for the half-year in quarantine and the half-in, half-out school schedule from last year.  Despite my shortened time at Rice, I believe I was able to have the full experience.

I attended the sports games, competed for the track and field team, and made many great friends during my time at Rice. […]

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The Standard: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga


By Julius Lujano ‘22

“Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” is the newest rendition of the Lego Star Wars games.

The game was announced in 2019 but was delayed many times due to the pandemic.

Star Wars is one of those franchises that have been around all my life. The Star Wars movies and games have always been a major part of pop culture. Senior Raul Andrade said, “Lego Star Wars as a game and product will always be timeless.”

The series of games started with “Lego Star Wars: The Game.” This game covered episodes one through three. Next, the “Lego Star Wars II: The […]

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The Standard: ICOPS Invitational


By Julius Lujano ‘22

The Brother Rice Track and Field team competed at Lewis University the past weekend in the ICOPS Invitational. With 22 schools attending the meet, the Crusaders placed 5th overall with many great performances.

Senior captains Sean McNally and Jack Antonsen set new personal bests in the 800m run. Sophomore Robbie Rutledge also ran a personal best in the 800m run.

In the long-distance runs, freshman Gavin O’Connor ran a gigantesque personal best of 10:50 in the 3200m. This performance places Gavin as the  7th best  all-time freshman for the indoor event. Freshman Brian Sheehan also ran 10 seconds faster in […]

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The Standard: Time to Run Ugly


By Julius Lujano ‘22

The Brother Rice track season has started, and it is time for some great performances. The track and field team has many returning members and added more to the great roster.

Despite this deep roster, the missing presence of the large group of seniors who graduated will be felt throughout the team. Many people will have to step up and take the lead to ensure an eventful   season. 

The current team is lacking a large senior group with most of the athletes being underclassmen.  This is not a problem because the […]

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The Standard: Running Ugly


By Julius Lujano ‘22

The cross country team had an eventful season filled with various improvements. The first major event of the season was the announcement of the two team captains seniors Jack Antonsen and Sean McNally.

What followed was an exciting and eventful season for the runners. All levels of the program “Ran Ugly”and had great improvements over the season.

Many new freshman runners joined the team and added greatly to the frosh-soph team performance. Throughout the season, the frosh-soph team would place highly in many different meets, winning a few of them on their way to the CCL Championship.

Coach Wazio worked the […]

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The Standard: What is The German Club?


By Julius Lujano ‘22

Come for the coffee, stay for the klatsch. The German Club, also known as Kaffeeklatsch is a club that has been around for many years but is not very well-known by the student body.

One stipulation many students believe is that you must be a German student to join the German Club. This is completely false. Anyone can join the club no matter what language class they take.

What happens in the German Club? Doc Luxem, the club adviser, brings different types of strudel and coffee into the classroom. For those who don’t know, strudel is a German layer pastry […]

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