Justin Jefferson ’20

The Standard: 3OT – Down to The Last Second


By Justin Jefferson ‘20

It was a hard fought win by the Brother Rice Crusaders basketball team last Tuesday, winning the game in triple overtime against Richards 85-83. The Crusaders are now 13-6 starting the season.

Starting off the game with a 21-6 lead, the Crusaders looked as if this game was going to be an easy one, but they lost the lead late in the third. The team started to rally back towards the end of the game with key shots from Deandre Hagan and Colin Campbell.

Sophomore Coach Duffy said,  “The team lost their composure for a little while, which caused them […]

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The Standard: Jack Lausch – The Man, the Myth, the Legend


By Justin Jefferson ‘20

Jack Lausch has been a headline in many stories this past month. The young talented star has lead the Brother Rice Crusaders to a second straight semi-finals while only playing quarterback going into the end of the season.

Most people would fail if challenges like this came at them so unexpectedly, but not Jack Lausch. He said, “I love adversity and having a challenge. I feel that I am a person who is meant to exceed expectations and do extra things that nobody else does.”

Lausch not only plays football, he also pitches for the Brother Rice baseball team and […]

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The Standard: Teacher Spotlight on Mr. Malopsy


By Justin Jefferson ‘20

Class of ‘08 graduate Mr. Anthony Matthew Malopsy is a familiar face around the Brother Rice community. This is probably because he is the football team’s defensive coordinator. However, he is taking on new challenges this year.

Coming from a long line of professors and teachers, Mr. Malopsy is following in the path of most of his family members. His mom is a former teacher and currently is an administrator in School District 205; he has two aunts that are college professors; and two uncles who are administrators for different districts in Illinois. As he would say, “teaching is […]

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The Standard: Crusader Shadow Day


By Justin Jefferson ‘20

Friday was an eventful day for the Crusaders. They hosted over 175 shadows.

Shadow Matt Phelan said, “This is one of the best shadow days I ever had. I’ve been here before, and it hasn’t been like this. They didn’t have the same thing as they did in the past.”

The pep rally was also a fun part of the day. The pep rally started off with an inspirational speech by former NFL player Tim Terell. He was able to get the shadows and students hyped for the Marist-Rice game later that night.

The four houses also faced off in competition […]

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