The Standard: The 2019 Homecoming Boxing Champion


By Ken Foyle ‘20

What do an obstacle course, a rock climbing slide, basketball hoops, and bouncy house boxing all have in common? They’re all right outside the cafeteria doors during Homecoming Week. Even the teachers get involved in the festivities, like first-year teacher Mr. Woods, who made himself notorious in the ring.

On Wednesday Oct. 9, Mr. Woods challenged freshman DeMarcus Caston to a boxing match in the bouncy house using huge gloves that come along with the game. The “big boxing” ring is a student favorite as it keeps coming back every year.

Going into the fight, Caston felt pretty confident. He […]

The Standard: The 2019 Homecoming Boxing Champion2019-10-18T01:22:50-05:00

The Standard: The Dodgers Choke Yet Again


By Ken Foyle ‘20

October is the most important month in baseball. It is when all of the best teams in the MLB compete for the World Series. Every year, since 2013, the Los Angeles Dodgers have made the playoffs and lost before being able to win the Series.

Is it a curse? A stroke of bad luck? Who knows, but their playoff rut remains unbroken.

After finishing the 2019 season with the best record in the National League at 106-56, the Dodgers were destined to finally win. Their roster is better than it has ever been with sluggers like Max Muncy, Cody Bellinger, […]

The Standard: The Dodgers Choke Yet Again2019-10-17T23:59:27-05:00


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