The Standard: Just Show Up


By Kevin Conlon ‘22

My senior year has been an adventure of personal growth and finding my true self. I love myself and the life I am creating. I am on my way to achieving everything I dreamed about being as a kid but gave up on because I never thought it could happen. The most important thing I learned this year is to just keep showing up.

Just show up. Some may take this as just something for athletics but, in reality, it is about life itself. Show up for the people in your life that need you. Show up for family, […]

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The Standard: Society and the Brain vs. Men


By Kevin Conlon ‘22

A silent killer is on the loose and it is more than likely in your neighborhood. This killer also has an accomplice. Who are these monstrous killers? What if the killer is already inside of you? The greatest enemy of men lives inside their own mind, striking ferociously at the psyche.

Whodunit, you ask? No it wasn’t the butler. It is the human brain and society itself.

Society trains men from an early age to “just man up” or to “be a man,” encouraging the suppression of all emotions other than senseless anger and permanent confidence. If a man was […]

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The Standard: Crusaders Best Redhawks in Double Overtime


By Kevin Conlon ‘22

The historic rivalry between the Crusaders and Redhawks is filled with so many hard fought battles and this game sure lived up to the rivalry. No. 12 ranked Brother Rice took on unranked Marist in a battle that will go down as one of the craziest games ever.  Marist may not be ranked but they are for sure a tough team with a lot of fight in them as they took the game to a double overtime nail-biter.

There was a lot of bad blood in the air because of the recent wrestling meet where Marist beat Brother Rice.  […]

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The Standard: Winter is Coming


By Kevin Conlon ‘22

With football season coming to its climax. Crusader fans may be worried about the impending boredom without sports. Have no fear.

Winter is coming, and the Crusaders are ready.

Wrestling season kicks off on Nov. 24. The team looks forward to a great season as this team is the most talented it has ever been. Tommy Bennett, who was ranked third in the state last season, is looking to have an explosive senior campaign. Returning captain Manny Flores is looking to place at state this season. Manny came up short last season at sectionals, and he’s coming back with vengeance.

In […]

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The Standard: Insect Insurgency


By Kevin Conlon ‘22

Last week Brother Rice was under attack both on and off the field. As the Crusaders attempted to fend off the number-one-ranked Ramblers in a shootout, the fans in the stands had to battle against a swarm of tens of thousands of gnats.

The scene was like something straight out of a horror movie- “Attack of bugs: The Crusader Edition.” Lucky for the Crusader Crazies it was the beach theme game, and we all had towels. The fellas banded together and put up a towel shield to keep the bugs at bay.

The bugs were a huge distraction during the […]

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