The Standard: Fortnite’s OG Takeover


By Kevin Worthy ‘24

Recently the game Fortnite has made a comeback and is blowing back up throughout the world. After Fortnite released their OG season, all of their players have decided to make a comeback.

Fortnite was a very popular video game back in 2017 where kids ranging from 10-years-old to men in their 40’s played the game. Any free time in a boy’s life they would be spent playing Fortnite.

Senior Richard Willis said, “I loved Fortnite a couple years ago. To have all of our favorite items that we all missed is very nostalgic.”

Everyone who has played Fortnite is coming back […]

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The Standard: The Running Uglies Do It Again


By Kevin Worthy ‘24

The Running Uglies placed second at regionals last weekend qualifying for the IHSA sectionals at Geneseo next week. The meet had great competition, but nobody knew who Gavin O’Connor was.

Junior Gavin O’Connor said, “Even though there were great runners, I had a goal in mind and nobody was going to stop me.”

The Uglies came into the meet with a plan and all they had to do was execute. Many other runners needed to perform the plan in order to qualify.

Brother Rice had many runners place under 20th, allowing for them to qualify. This race had a total of […]

The Standard: The Running Uglies Do It Again2023-10-27T20:08:19-05:00

The Standard: BRTV Crossover with WGN News


By Kevin Worthy ‘24

BRTV’s high school students worked with WGN News’ anchors for a day to learn and participate. The students, known for their amazing orange suit coats and energy, engaged in discussions covering current events, and they had a great time with skilled anchors.

During a live broadcast, the students helped create a great segment of news. BRTV and WGN News anchors participated in a friendly trivia contest, showcasing their knowledge. The students also worked with WGN’s meteorologist, switching up the weather segment with their creativity.

Throughout the day, the students teamed up with WGN anchors to interview community members, offering new […]

The Standard: BRTV Crossover with WGN News2023-10-06T00:00:06-05:00


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