The Standard: The Statement Game


By Luke Drew ‘24

On a cold, Friday night on the far south side of Chicago, the Caravan visited the Crusaders in a classic rivalry matchup. The Crusaders made a statement to the whole league that they mean business.

The Crusaders (26-3, 9-1 CCL Blue) and Caravan (26-4, 6-1 CCL Blue) each had five wins straight. Each team was neck and neck through the three quarters.  The first quarter was all tied up at 15 and Rice led 30-29 at halftime.

Senior Cale Cosme said, “We knew we had a one point lead, and we had to try and get stops to start the […]

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The Standard: The Start of Intramural Basketball


By Luke Drew ‘24

As winter break comes to an end, the second semester at Brother Rice starts. It is now time for students to sign up for basketball intramurals.

Last year, Brother Rice introduced intramural basketball in January for students to join. The season was fun to watch, but Team Ivers managed to win the championship. This year senior teams are determined to win the championship.

Senior Tommy Sloyan said,” I’m really excited to bring it home with the guys this year. Winning is my determination!”

The captains meeting for intramural basketball is on January 9. The kickoff to the intramural basketball season is […]

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The Standard: The First Snowfall on Halloween


By Luke Drew ‘24

On the third-snowiest Halloween in Chicago, a little girl named Kaitlin wanted to pull tricks on people on Halloween. Kaitlin decided to pull a trick on her older brother.

Kaitlin’s older brother does not like to be bothered. The older brother has a routine of taking naps after school, so Kaitin decided to pull a prank on him while he was sleeping. Kaitlin started to spray silly string and shaving cream all over her older brother.

An hour later, the older brother woke up and was furious. Kaitlin, who was about to leave for trick-or-treating, heard her brother screaming from […]

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The Standard: Varsity Football Injuries


By Luke Drew ‘24

As of week 2 of the 2023 season, the Crusaders have been hit hard with injuries. Due to injuries, it has been hard to win games. The Crusaders were still able to get three big wins with an unhealthy team.

On the offensive side, wide receiver Rickey Taylor has been out with a collarbone injury since the week 3 matchup against the Loyola Ramblers. Taylor hopes to be back by the highly anticipated week 9 matchup against the St. Rita Mustangs. Also, tight end Cole Adamski has recently dislocated his jaw.

Senior Rickey Taylor said, “Injuries in this game are […]

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The Standard: “The Shootout”


By Luke Drew ‘24

The Colorado Buffaloes are not the same team people are used to. That was made clear from the start of the season opener for the Buffaloes on the road at Texas Christian University. The Buffaloes defeated TCU in a 45-42 thriller.

Colorado started off hot with a 7-0 lead in the debut of new head coach Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders. The Buff’s had a 17-14 lead at half. Fans knew that this team was not the same team they were used to watching.

The teams in the second half went back to back with amazing touchdowns. Colorado running back Dylan […]

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