The Standard: I Can’t Wait To Be Free


By Luke Onoroto ‘20

If someone were to ask me what the best part of quarantine ending is going to be, I would definitely tell them that being free again is.

With the way quarantine is now, I feel trapped in my house and extremely limited.

Rhe past four years of high school and teenage life have been great, and the lack of responsibilities compared to college or adult life is something I definitely have not taken for granted.

Despite my appreciation for having a great past few years, I can’t help but dwell on the fact that I’m trapped for the last half of […]

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The Standard: I Can’t Wait To Visit My Summer Home


By Luke Onoroto ‘20

In the midst of being stuck in a seemingly endless quarantine lockdown, nothing sounds better than a nice getaway.

For me there would definitely be no better getaway than to my summer home at Woodsmoke Ranch, the perfect place to escape the confines of my house.

I have the best of times when I visit my summer home. I normally bring a bunch of my friends and we have a blast. I can’t imagine a summer without this place, but now the Coronavirus may take it away this year.

Despite being a very small and modest place, my summer home has […]

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The Standard: “Dave”


By Luke Onoroto ‘20

In the midst of this quarantine, there is nothing better than finding a great new show to nonstop binge. For me that great new show is “Dave.”

For the uninformed, “Dave” is a show created by David Burd, a rapper who goes by the unflattering but comedic rap name “Lil Dicky.” Despite his funny rap name, Burd’s rap career is no joke.  He has produced many hit songs including “Molly,” Professional Rapper,” and “$ave Dat Money,” all of which feature renowned artists like Snoop Dogg or Brendan Urie.

Being a fan of Burd’s music, I certainly had high expectations before […]

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The Standard: “Stranger Things”


By Luke Onoroto ‘20

Any big sci-fi fan is completely missing out if they haven’t watched the Netflix original “Stranger Things.” Fortunately, there is no better time to give this gem a watch than in the midst of a month-long quarantine.

“Stranger Things” is a show that takes place in the strange little town of Hawkins, Indiana, during the 1980s. The series starts off with a normal group of kids playing Dungeons and Dragons, but things quickly go awry as one of them, Will Byers, goes missing on his way home.

Will’s disappearance is simply the start of the craziness that Hawkins will see. […]

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The Standard: Coronavirus Panic Causes Catastrophic Market Crash


By Luke Onoroto ‘20

The world is in the face of what could be a terrible epidemic. The Coronavirus is an extremely contagious disease that has infected tens of thousands of individuals and killing thousands. Cases have begun to pop up globally, the US included, and scientists see no immediate cure.

Governments are panicking, airports are closing, and hospitals are on double time.

Just when it seems like things can’t get any worse, the virus has also dealt a major blow to the global economy.

The crash was likely due to the damage of supply chains and the shutdown of multiple Chinese factories due to […]

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The Standard: Politics Club Spotlight


By Luke Onoroto ‘20

One of the best clubs Bother Rice has to offer is the Politics Club. Moderated by Mr. Dolan, the club allows students of all levels of political knowledge and interest to come together and discuss anything relating to politics. The discussions cover a diverse group of topics ranging from local issues all the way to issues at an international level.

The club discussions are led by president Alex Macfarlane and vice president Henry Barsch, and while it does not have an official meeting schedule, one can pay attention to the daily announcements to know when it meets.

Senior Henry Barsch […]

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The Standard: 2020 Grammys Recap


By Luke Onoroto ‘20

Even with 2019 long gone, one thing still needs to be wrapped up. Everyone still needs to reflect on how good of a year 2019 was for music, and what better way is there to do that than the Grammys?

The Grammys had no shortage of new faces this year, boasting the attendance of both Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X, two stars who found astounding success in 2019.

Eilish’s talent even managed to win her the coveted best new artist award. She raked in plenty of other awards as well, including album of the year, song of the year, […]

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The Standard: A Holiday Horror – Presents for Parents


By Luke Onoroto ‘20

With Christmas time upon us, everyone is worried about what they’re going to get for Christmas and what presents to buy for their loved ones.

Every year I dread the same thing. Solving the puzzle of buying gifts for my parents.

Seriously, how does one know what to buy for someone born in an entirely different generation? Should I get for them a book? A scented candle? A Led Zeppelin record? Only God knows really.

Back when I was younger, this job was so much easier: just draw a sloppy picture, put it in a card, and call it a day.

My […]

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The Standard: Fear the Beard is Here


By Luke Onoroto ‘20

With No-Shave November going on, Brother Rice has found the perfect way to allow students to participate despite policies on facial hair. That way would be Fear the Beard.

Fear the Beard is a yearly event at Brother Rice that allows participating students to abstain from shaving for the month of November and not face punishment for doing so. At the end of the month, each participating Crusader gets their beard rated and votes for best beard get put in; everyone wants to have the best beard. In order to participate, a student must raise $100 dollars to donate […]

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The Standard: Mr. Coughlan Teacher Feature


By Luke Onoroto ‘20

The 2019 school year marked a big change for Brother Rice’s faculty and staff, bringing plenty of new names and faces to the school.

A particular newcomer to Brother Rice that deserves some attention would be Mr. Brendan Couglan.

Mr. Coughlan is a new math teacher for the school and, more importantly, the teacher for our aerospace engineering class, one of Rice’s most prestigious classes. He previously taught classes at St. Rita before coming to (the much better) Brother Rice.

When asked how he feels about the change of a new school Mr. Coughlan said, “It’s great; it’s like slipping on […]

The Standard: Mr. Coughlan Teacher Feature2019-11-17T00:15:02-06:00


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