The Standard: My Senior Year


By Marco Braschi ‘19

I have always looked forward to senior year. I have always looked up to the senior classes and always see the fun they have inside and outside the classroom. I couldn’t wait until it was my turn.

After a stressful junior year, I was excited to see what senior year had in store. There was no more dealing with the ACT and ACT classes, and once I was done “collegeing,” the rest of senior year was going to be easy.

In the fall was football season. Ever since homecoming my freshman year, I have gone to a majority of the […]

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The Standard: Athletic Training


By Marco Braschi ‘19

According to, 54% of student athletes report they have played while injured. Injuries are very common and with injuries, come medical attention. In light of this, a new class called Athletic Training was introduced this past school year.

The class is taught by Mr. Kyle Watson, who recently took up Brother Rice’s Athletic Trainer position. “When I was interviewed by the school, they mentioned they wanted to do an Athletic Training Class, and I said, ‘That’s great! I always like to inspire as many kids as I can to join my field,’” said the newly hired Mr. Watson.

Athletic […]

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