Martin Loughney ’20

The Standard: Spanish Club Field Trip


By Martin Loughney ‘20

The Spanish Club, headed by Mrs. Carbol, has a mission to help students enrolled in Spanish to learn and embrace the cultures of different Spanish speaking countries. The Spanish Club took their annual trip to the Nation Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen on Nov. 13. At the museum, students admired exhibits that deal with Mexican culture.

On display that week was a Day of the Dead mural. The Day of the Dead is a three day holiday in Mexico to pray for and mourn loved ones who have passed away. The display was filled with vivid yellow flowers, […]

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The Standard: Athletic Trainer Kyle Watson


By Martin Loughney ‘20

Kyle Watson is the head athletic trainer and a teacher here at Brother Rice. Mr. Watson grew up on the south side of Chicago and graduated from Argo High School. He later attended Northern Illinois University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in athletic training in 2014.

Mr. Watson learned of his love for athletic training in high school when he took an athletic training class, a class that he currently teaches at Brother Rice today. Before coming to Brother Rice, Mr. Watson has worked for the professional baseball team the Schaumburg Boomers and for the Chicago Bliss football […]

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The Standard: Parent-Teacher Conferences


By Martin Loughney ‘20

For many students, including me, it is the most dreaded time of the year. No, it is not final exams; however, last Friday, Oct. 25, was parent-teacher conferences. The day that students dread, but many teachers long for, to get their revenge on the kids who have terrorized their class.

Fortunately enough for me, my parents did not attend parent-teacher conferences. My mom was in Ireland on Thursday, therefore couldn’t attend, and I purposely withheld the information from my dad.

This year, I didn’t have to worry about Coach Dunne telling my parents how many times he has caught me […]

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The Standard: Cross Country Regional Championship


By Martin Loughney ‘20

On Saturday, Oct. 26, the Brother Rice cross country team won the IHSA regional championship. Brother Rice beat TF North 28-37. This is the team’s ninth regional championship and the second year in a row that they won the title.

Junior Eddie Burke came in first place, and the elite senior athlete Jimmy Maguire took second. “The meet was a rough one, where we all had to dig in deep and run ugly,” said Jimmy Maguire.

Other runners in this event were Alex Macfarlane, who placed 6th, Charlie Walsh, who placed 8th, Harrison Morg, who placed 11th, Sean Sullivan, who […]

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The Standard: “No Mow Worries”


By Martin Loughney ‘20

Ethan Williams, a senior at Brother Rice and a St. Catherine’s alumnus, is what you would call a go-getter. Not only does he take all honors classes, but he also runs his own lawn care business.

Ethan started his business cutting lawns in Oak Lawn during seventh grade. Back then, he was just cutting his neighbor’s lawns for some extra money, but he never expected his company to take off.

“It just happened,” Ethan said. Ethan now services over 100 different properties a week in the Oak Lawn area, at a rate of 25 to 35 dollars a property.

When his […]

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The Standard: Mother McAuley vs Marist Volleyball Game


By Martin Loughney ‘20

On Thursday, Sept. 26, Marist volleyball defeated Mother McAuley 26-24, and 25-22. The fans overflowed the stands for this highly anticipated match-up. To put this game into perspective, for Mother McAuley it is equivalent to Brother Rice’s football game against Marist.

“It was an intense game; the atmosphere of it was amazing, it reminded me of the Marist vs Rice football game,” said Mother McAuley fan Justin Jefferson.


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