The Standard: Culvers – “Welcome to Delicious”


By Martin Murray ‘20

It’s hard to meet a Midwesterner that hasn’t heard of Culver’s. The restaurant chain has spread throughout the Midwest region. One of these restaurants, located around 108th and Cicero, is among the area’s best fast-food establishments.

The restaurant has a homey feel to it. There are many booths and tables inside, each a reasonable distance from each other, encouraging customers to enjoy their meal and feel relaxed.

Culver’s famous slogan is ” Welcome to Delicious.” From fresh fish to creamy custard, a trip to Culver’s never disappoints.

Senior Nate Cook said, “I like Culver’s because it distinguishes itself from other fast […]

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The Standard: Pluto’s Food Review


By Martin Murray ‘20

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world food experience, look no further than Pluto’s, located near 104th and Cicero in Oak Lawn. Pluto’s is known as a hot dog restaurant, but to simply label them as so discounts the other mouthwatering foods on their menu.

The restaurant is like a portal to another planet, as the restaurant’s theme is outer space and sci-fi. The walls are decorated with inspirational sayings as well as pictures of rocket ships and astronauts. There are also toy lightsabers and spaceships hanging from the ceiling.

Pluto’s has amazing service. The staff takes care of their customers […]

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The Standard: Spring Has Arrived


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By Martin Murray ‘20

It’s that time of the year again.

The clock springs ahead an hour, the sun rises a bit later, and there’s more daylight in the evenings.

This change in the clocks, Daylight Savings Time, takes an hour of sleep away from people, and sometimes the effects can be felt for a few days afterward.

Daylight Savings Time, which runs from March until November, was originally started to maximize daylight hours during World War I. Now, a century later, the event still maximizes the amount of hours that can fit into the daytime.

The first few days on a […]

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The Standard: Love Without Boundaries Helping Kids in Cambodia


By Martin Murray ‘20

Every homeroom in Brother Rice has a picture of a smiling kid at school.

These kids are from Cambodia and are a part of the Love Without Boundaries Program. The 2019-2020 school year is Brother Rice’s second year participating in the phenomenal program that helps fund Cambodian kids’ education and meals.

Senior Martin Sheehan said, “Love Without Boundaries is a great experience. It makes me feel good that we are doing something great for kids so far away that we’ll never meet. Knowing that we’re saving lives every day helps me keep donating to this worthy cause.”

Each homeroom is assigned […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Celebrates Another Successful Catholic Schools Week


By Martin Murray ‘20

Every year, Catholic schools throughout the country celebrate Catholic education during the last week of January.

This year, Brother Rice participated yet again.

Students and staff alike had a great time celebrating what makes Catholic schools unique compared to other educational institutions around the country, raising money for worthy causes, and participating in lunchtime activities.

Students virtually had a full week out of uniform, which many enjoyed.

However, despite being out of uniform, the dress down days served another purpose.

Through the dress down days, Brother Rice raised money for the missions as well as the Edmund Rice Camp, showing our constant commitment […]

The Standard: Brother Rice Celebrates Another Successful Catholic Schools Week2020-02-12T22:42:49-06:00

The Standard: The Chiefs Surge Past the 49ers to Win Super Bowl


By Martin Murray ‘20

The NFL finished its centennial season with a game that will go down as an instant classic.

From exuberant commercials to awesome halftime performances to a solid game of football, the event felt one hundred years in the making.

This year’s battle was between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. The stakes were high for both teams, as neither one had been to the Super Bowl for a considerable amount of time.

Senior Pat Loughney said, “I thought San Francisco would easily win. They had a way better defense throughout the season. Kansas City’s defense was a bit […]

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The Standard: The Beginning of the End


By Martin Murray ‘20

It’s that time of year again.

Christmas and New Year are over, the weather is getting colder each day, and Martin Luther King Day is on the horizon.

Yes, it’s January.

And, for students, that means only one thing: school is back in session and the long-awaited Christmas break is now replaced with the long-awaited summer vacation.

For seniors, however, this semester is a little more than the usual grind of rigorous coursework or participation in sports and clubs. This semester is a little more.

Senior Danny Bombard said, “It’s hard to believe that senior year is already halfway over. It feels like […]

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The Standard: “Rise of Skywalker” Falls Short, but Still Entertains


By Martin Murray ‘20

Over the holiday season, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” was released worldwide. The film is the culmination of one of the most popular pieces of cinema and concludes the Sequel Trilogy.

Additionally, the film is the last installment of the Skywalker Saga.

The film follows the remainder of the Resistance as they continue to battle against the First Order while Rey faces her destiny and leads the charge in the ultimate clash between good and evil.

This movie finishes the mission started back with “The Force Awakens” in 2015. It brings in a new generation of heroes and establishes them […]

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The Standard: The Advocacy Club Remembers the Marginalized


By Martin Murray ‘20

Every year, the Cook County Morgue releases the bodies of dead people who are unknown or died without a family to claim them.

The Archdiocese of Chicago then takes these bodies and gives them a proper burial.

This year, the Brother Rice Advocacy Club, along with fellow neighborhood schools, were invited to Mount Olivet Cemetery to take a moment to honor these people that were forgotten about at the time of their passing.

Mr. Dolan, the moderator of the Advocacy Club, said, “We were contacted about a month ago from Mr. Ed Sajdak, the campus minister at St. Laurence. He asked […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Adds Another Member to the Family


By Martin Murray ‘20

The Brother Rice family is continually growing. One recent addition is Mr. Woods.

Mr. Woods, an algebra and geometry teacher, enjoys his new environment, an environment he has always wanted to be a part of.

Mr. Woods said, “Working with an all-boys school is something I preferred. It’s actually better for me because communicating and building young men is something I always wanted to do.”

Despite being new, Mr. Woods has already made quite an impact in Brother Rice and is well respected by his students.

Freshman Amir Gray said, “Mr. Woods is a very good teacher. He is very hands on […]

The Standard: Brother Rice Adds Another Member to the Family2019-11-21T23:44:20-06:00


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