The Standard: A Plea to College Admissions


By Mateo Perez ‘23

Dear Admissions Committee,

You want dedicated, creative, and hardworking students, and I am right here. You need me, and I need you. Why are we beating around the bush? When do I start?

In all seriousness, this college essay was a little difficult; I’m not going to lie. You know how people have writer’s block? Well, I had that and reader’s block. It was difficult to understand some prompts because they were lengthy and wordy! Believe me–it was a laundry list! I think I took a break every 5 minutes because I needed to process what I was reading, or […]

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The Standard: Class Beyond Rice


By Mateo Perez ‘23

Wait. We can take classes at McAuley? Yes, we can!

Mother McAuley allows Brother Rice students to take some classes at their school. Yet, many students from Rice aren’t aware of this opportunity. However, it isn’t just any class. McAuley allows students from Rice to take, some are fine arts classes like Theater Workshop I and II at their school.

Theater Workshop gives students the option to have a concentration in tech or acting. Those who declare a technical concentration focus on stage production and design and constructing set pieces.

McAuley student Shukurah Floyd, who chose a tech concentration, said, “I […]

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