The Standard: Four Years of a Lifetime


By Matt Murphy ‘21

Without a doubt, it is easy to say that I have had the four best years of my life so far. From walking through the door as a freshman to making my final exit in a Brother Rice uniform, the memories I endured will forever be cherished.

Having the ability to be a student at Brother Rice was something many take for granted, including myself, and I hope every member of the student body understands that.

Walking into Brother Rice on day one is always a frightening experience, entering a large environment with very few familiar faces. As the years […]

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The Standard: The Courtyard Wonders


By Matt Murphy ‘21

Sometime throughout the academic school year, students who take a look out of their classroom window might happen to see a surprise out in the main courtyard at Brother Rice. Once a year, a new family of gosling appear in the courtyard, with the two parents strictly watching and protecting their babies.

There typically will be around four or five babies following their parents’ footsteps in the courtyard, and they will do so for a couple weeks. The parents choose the high school’s courtyard for secure protection, with four brick walls surrounding them, making it harder for their babies […]

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The Standard: One Last Go Around


By Matt Murphy ‘21

Two months ago, an article was released by Michael O’Brien, a Chicago Tribune journalist, saying that there would be no high school basketball season this year amidst the worldwide pandemic. Social media instantly blew up with frustration and a bit of sorrow, most of which were athletes posting their farewell to their high school basketball career, and thanking their school for the opportunity. Nobody had ever thought that there would be a season.

Until one day, a different statement was released by the IHSA which stated that high school basketball was eligible to begin immediately. Tears of joy were […]

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The Standard: The Return to the Hardwood


By Matt Murphy ‘21

Brother Rice basketball is back up in full swing! After several months of being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team finally got the green light to lace the shoes up. On January 27, the IHSA finally revealed their schedule for the return of sports. Basketball happened to be the first sport up to return, giving all teams one week of practice effective immediately before competition can begin. The Crusaders hit the gym as soon as they could to prepare themselves to win the Catholic League.

The Crusaders are returning two of last year’s starters in Luke Moustakas […]

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The Standard: The Game We’ve All Been Waiting For


By Matt Murphy ‘21

Many people wondered if the NFL would be able to provide a successful season during one of the worst pandemics in the world’s history. The NFL was able to put a well-structured plan together with strict protocols and certain guidelines, in hopes to keep their players and fans safe from this virus. Several teams took action and prohibited fans in their stadiums for the whole season.

The only thing the players wanted was to play football and have the opportunity to compete in a season, and they got exactly what they wanted.

The NFL was able to successfully get through […]

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Action on the Battlefield


By Matt Murphy ‘21

Did you ever want to join an extracurricular activity at Brother Rice? Say no more! The Brother Rice Paintball Club is exactly what you would want!

With his first year as the club leader and also being a very experienced paintballer himself, Mr. Maple has done a tremendous job of bringing guys in to join this tremendous club. The club is slowly but surely growing exponentially, and is on track to possibly being one of the largest clubs in the school! For a club that only meets once a month, that is quite impressive! The club currently has about […]

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The Optimism of a Fall Football Season


By Matt Murphy ‘21

The outcome of 2020 so far has certainly been the least expected. Schools shutting down, companies going out of business, sports being canceled, and the unemployment rate going up – this year seems to be going down as one of the worst years in American history. Many people didn’t think this would last this long.

In fact, people had to start to adapt to the new way of life by following new protocols put in place such as wearing masks and socially distancing. Many businesses and sports have begun to return to a semi-normal life; however, IHSA sports have […]

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