The Standard: Return to Rugby


By Michael Lynch ‘21

“Let’s play some touch!”

Shouts filled the air as we poured into the gym, with everyone immediately ready to start playing.

With the majority of the roster also on the football team, attendance was low. This low attendance, along with the hybrid system this year making it hard to recruit, as well as the cancellation of last year’s season due to coronavirus, underclassmen were especially lacking.

While numbers were low, the energy in the gym was not. The night consisted of mainly two-hand touch games, with wild passes and jukes on full display. The highlight was undoubtedly a king of the […]

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The Standard: Ending 2020 with 20/20


By Michael Lynch ‘21

The year 2020 was like no other. With social distancing rules outlawing large gatherings, family celebrations like birthday parties, and Christmas, many had to find other ways to celebrate. When my birthday came around in October, my mom decided my two brothers and I would celebrate by getting one large gift each.

For me, the decision was easy. I wanted the gift of vision. I had always been prescribed glasses, but stubbornly refused to wear them. I informed my parents I would like to look into getting LASIK corrective surgery.

In mid-November, I went for testing at a LASIK center […]

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