The Standard: Wu’s House


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

I woke up one morning craving one of my favorite dishes: chicken fried rice. I figured I would treat myself and order some. I called up two of my favorite Chinese restaurants and both did not answer. I called one restaurant I saw that was recommended by google. They were also closed. All of the Chinese restaurants were closed due to coronavirus.

I decided to call up one of my least favorite places for Asian food: Wu’s House. I called them and they answered! I was so desperate for chicken fried rice so I placed an order. The lady […]

The Standard: Wu’s House2020-04-09T22:15:41-05:00

The Standard: Beggars Pizza


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

On a boring Friday night in quarantine, my dad decided to order a pizza. We were running low on groceries and were sick of cooking and washing dishes. We called Beggars Pizza in Merrionette Park.

Due to the coronavirus, we were told we would have a no-contact delivery. I was hoping they were going to live up to their promise, unlike some other places I had ordered from during the shelter-in-place.

About an hour after ordering, our doorbell rang. We opened the door and no one was there. We looked down and saw a pizza box that was wrapped in […]

The Standard: Beggars Pizza2020-04-09T22:08:46-05:00

The Standard: Finding the Perfect Prom Dress


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

Two months ago, I asked one of my best friends, Mary Eileen, to go to prom with me. Ever since, she has been planning out every detail of her outfit.

On a Sunday afternoon, Mary Eileen and I brought our moms to the prom dress shop. We were utterly stunned upon walking in. Gorgeous dresses and luxurious fabrics covered every inch of the store. The employees greeted us with smiles and whisked us away onto our prom dress shopping extravaganza.

Being the prepared person she is, Mary Eileen already knew exactly what she wanted before even walking into the store. […]

The Standard: Finding the Perfect Prom Dress2020-03-18T17:38:52-05:00

The Standard: COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc on the Travel Industry


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

You know the coronavirus is bad when all of the moms on facebook are sharing lame memes and going into complete and utter pandemonium. COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, has been the talk of the town. It has affected big business and countless industries. The travel industry is one industry in particular that has been slammed by this epidemic.

You’ve heard the stories of people being trapped on cruise ships for weeks or getting off planes and suddenly feeling ill. President Donald Trump even put a travel ban on countries with the highest case rates. People are scared of this […]

The Standard: COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc on the Travel Industry2020-03-14T00:59:08-05:00

The Standard: College Audition Adventure


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

As a little kid, I always wanted to be a singer and an actor. Now I am trying to make that dream a reality. I am pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre in college. The admissions process for this major is a lot different and a lot more difficult than for other majors.

Since this major is performance-based, to be admitted to a program, you must audition. Also, due to the nature of the major, class sizes are extremely small. Thousands apply for approximately 30 slots in each program. This means applicants must apply to an exponential amount of […]

The Standard: College Audition Adventure2020-02-12T22:09:51-06:00

The Standard: A Chicago Classic


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

The Palmer House has been a Chicago staple for over a century. Nestled between State Street and Wabash, the luxury hotel is the perfect location for anyone coming to see all that Chicago has to offer.

When walking into the Palmer House, you are greeted with a smile by the kind doorman. After walking through the door and up the short staircase, you enter the lobby. The lobby is a breathtaking sight. A glorious and detailed painting encompassed the enter ceiling, drawing your attention from the second you walk in. The lobby was a homey yet lavish place to […]

The Standard: A Chicago Classic2020-02-12T21:42:30-06:00

The Standard: What Happens When Opening a College Decision


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

Panic sets in as you see an email pop up in your inbox with the subject line, “Your Decision Awaits…”

For seniors, there is a lot on the line. Many seniors apply to some of the most elite universities in the country. With acceptance rates below ten percent, most, if not all of the seniors you know will be rejected.

Rejection is very hard. When you spend four years building the perfect college application, you hope for the best. But when that nerve-wracking letter comes, it is a very uneasy feeling. After opening the decision for your dream school and […]

The Standard: What Happens When Opening a College Decision2020-01-18T00:28:12-06:00

The Standard: The Best and Worst Moments of the Golden Globes


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

The New Year comes not only with new resolutions and diets, but with award show season. With big ceremonies like the Oscars and Grammys, every Sunday night is filled with glamorous dresses, the Hollywood elite, and lots of upsets.

On Jan. 5, 2020, the Golden Globes aired on NBC. From Ricky Gervais’s risky opening monologue to “1917” winning Best Director and Best Drama, the night was definitely filled with many twists and turns.

Here are the best and worst moments from the Globes.

A notable moment was the opening monologue that host Ricky Gervais gave. His monologue, while funny and risky, […]

The Standard: The Best and Worst Moments of the Golden Globes2020-01-18T00:10:26-06:00

The Standard: “Harriet” is a telling movie that should be a must-see for everyone


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

“Harriet,” a new biopic movie depicting the strugglesome life of American hero Harriet Tubman, has been wowing audiences since it opened in theaters at the beginning of the month. The film captures the courageous life that Tubman led and depicts the toil she underwent to save not only herself but hundreds of others, too.

Cynthia Erivo, a Tony, Emmy, and Grammy Award-winning actress who plays the American hero, embodies the character with such grace and persistence. Her performance makes this movie. She should garner an Oscar nomination and hopefully a win, earning the coveted EGOT status (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, […]

The Standard: “Harriet” is a telling movie that should be a must-see for everyone2019-11-21T23:57:42-06:00

The Standard: French class takes a trip to the Art Institute


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

The human race is completely engulfed in an array of artwork. We live in architecturally unique homes, hang visually stunning paintings on our walls, and listen to emotionally raw music throughout our quotidian routine.

On Monday, Nov. 11, French III and IV took a field trip to the world-renowned Art Institute of Chicago. The group boarded the bus and took the trek downtown in the frigid winter weather. Upon arrival, we met our docent and went on our tour to see all of the French art that the Institute had to offer.

As we entered the exhibit, we saw pieces […]

The Standard: French class takes a trip to the Art Institute2019-11-21T23:51:05-06:00


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