The Standard: BRTV Breakdown


By Nick Cipriani ‘21

As high school sports start back up in Illinois, fans are dying to cheer on their favorite teams. Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions are keeping fans out of the gym.

Thankfully, Crusader Nation has BRTV to help out.

Brother Rice TV has been broadcasting every home basketball game. Fans are now able to cheer on the Crusaders from their living rooms.

The members of BRTV do a live play-by-play analysis for the varsity and sophomore games. They also live-stream the freshman games on Youtube. They even have commercials and food endorsements during halftime and other breaks.

Recently, Brother Rice TV called the biggest game […]

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The Standard: The Home Run King


By Nick Cipriani ‘21

Nothing is more exciting than a long-ball hitter. Fans from all over the world love to see that white ball fly over a 400-foot fence. The man to do so then takes a slow and enjoyable jog around the bases.

The best man to ever do this was Henry “Hank” Aaron.

He surpassed “The Great Bambino” and set the record for career home runs in 1974. Hank was then inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame only eight years later. His famous record of 755 homers was eventually broken by Barry Bonds in 2007.

Unfortunately, Hank Aaron passed away on […]

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The Standard: The Barstool Small Business Fund


By Nick Cipriani ‘21

Growing up, I have always been surrounded by a small business. My grandfather started an independent pharmacy over 50 years ago. His company, Hills Family Drug, has overcome many obstacles, but nothing compares to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thousands of small businesses across the country have suffered greatly during the pandemic. Profits evaporated as businesses were forced to close their doors. Employees could no longer rely on their regular paychecks.

As hard times continued, the owner of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, set out to protect these small businesses.

Dave personally knows the struggle of starting a business. Barstool Sports has transformed from […]

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The Standard: The Crusader World Series


By Nick Cipriani ‘21

The cool crisp air in the fall reminds any baseball fan of the postseason. As the leaves fall and the days get shorter, only one team will rise to the challenge and become World Series champions.

Although the Los Angeles Dodgers are Major League champs, the series on 99th and Pulaski is still up for grabs. This fall, three teams will compete against their teammates in the first-ever Crusader World Series.

It all started on draft night. Team captains consisted of one senior position player paired with one senior pitcher. Let’s meet the teams.

Team One: With Luke Lawrence and Mike […]

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The Standard: Keeping up with the 2020 Brother Rice Seniors


By Nick Cipriani ‘21

As the 2020 school year ended in such an unexpected fashion, the seniors from Brother Rice left without much attention. Now as graduated Crusaders, they are spreading across the country and pursuing new goals.

In an effort to catch up with them, I talked with a handful of old friends.

We discussed their college preparation and transition. Also, they described the COVID-19 impact on their universities. These young adults gave some advice for our 2021 seniors.

Tommy Crane: Tommy is a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is studying business while also working two jobs. When describing his […]

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