The Standard: Brother Rice vs Mt. Carmel Quarterfinal Preview


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

Brother Rice is set to play Mount Carmel in the quarterfinals of the playoffs. The game will take place this Saturday at 6 p.m. Mount Carmel is undefeated; however, the Crusaders gave them a tough time during the regular season when the Caravan scratched out a 28-21 victory.

The No. 24 Crusaders have been the underdog throughout their impressive playoff run. They defeated No. 9 Jacobs 27-0 in the first round of the playoffs. Then, they continued to defeat No.8 Collinsville 44-15 in the second round.

The No.1 Caravan has had a controlling playoff run as well. They defeated No.32 […]

The Standard: Brother Rice vs Mt. Carmel Quarterfinal Preview2022-11-11T13:10:03-06:00

The Standard: Teacher Feature – Mr. Don Molenda


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

Mr. Molenda is currently teaching his 40th year at Brother Rice. He became interested in teaching because he wanted to coach. He coached track for 32 years and cross country for 35 years at Brother Rice.

It was very clear that Mr. Molenda loved coaching track and field and cross country during the interview.Mr. Molenda’s favorite memories at Brother Rice were, “Going down state, winning the Catholic League, winning the first regional, and winning the second regional.”

Mr. Molenda began teaching at Brother Rice because it was the only job he could get back in 1983.  He started off teaching […]

The Standard: Teacher Feature – Mr. Don Molenda2022-11-10T19:39:32-06:00

The Standard: Trains Get Longer as my Patience Gets Shorter


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

I live east of the train tracks that run parallel with Rockwell Ave. To get to Brother Rice, I have to cross the train tracks every day. I typically leave 10 to 20 minutes before my first class in the morning. It is around an eight to ten minute ride unless a train decides to ruin my morning.

The time of the train and the traffic that follows guarantee a late slip for me. Since this caught my attention and annoyed me, I decided to talk to four of my friends that live east of the tracks as well.

Everyone […]

The Standard: Trains Get Longer as my Patience Gets Shorter2022-09-27T19:30:23-05:00


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