The Standard: The Most Rewarding Year of my Life


By Patrick Mahanes ´23, Editor-in-Chief

I remember walking into Brother Rice in the fall, looking forward to the year. I had to complete my high school career and begin my college career. I still had to take the ACT in the fall and begin the tedious process of applying for college. I had my mind set on attending The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Compared to junior year, senior year was a breeze. I had a much lighter workload without the outlines from Mr. Dolan´s AP United States History class. Although I had less work, physics and calculus have definitely not been a walk […]

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The Standard: Air Review


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

Air told the interesting account of how Nike got Michael Jordan to sign with them over Adidas and Converse. Initially, I thought the movie would be boring because how exciting can a movie about a shoe be? I was pleasantly surprised to find the entire movie interesting from start to finish.

Myles Maloney said, “Air kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire movie. Matt Damon played Sonny Vaccaro perfectly, from creating comedic relief to portraying stressful situations.”

The purpose of the movie was to explain the thoughts and feelings Nike had at the time about their […]

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The Standard: Southside Irish Parade


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

Everyone enjoys the South Side Irish Parade, but many have no idea how it started. My mom filled me in on a lot of the backstory because she grew up in St. Cajetan Parish and raised her kids there. A fairly new parade, the first South Side Irish Parade took place in 1979 on the 10900 blocks of Washtenaw and Talman Avenues.

Two neighbors, George Hendry and Pat Coakley, started the parade as just like a block party for the kids. The two neighbors missed the old south side parade, the Southtown Parade, that stopped in 1960 due to […]

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The Standard: Mother-Son Dance


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

The Brother Rice Mother-Son Dance was hosted at Ridge Country Club on Feb. 4. Everyone was invited to mass at St. Linus before the dance. I attended the mass and dance with my mother for my first time at Brother Rice.

Father Mark´s homily dealt with the continuation of the sermon on the mount, and he recognized all the Brother Rice students in attendance.

My mom said, “It was very nice to spend the evening with my son. The mass was very powerful and a great reminder to everyone to let their light shine.”

After mass, everyone headed to Ridge Country […]

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The Standard: “Avatar: The Way of Water” Review


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

“Avatar: The Way of Water” is a visual masterpiece. 3D enhances these visuals and makes the graphics come alive. Although the visuals were amazing, the plot lacked depth and seemed very generic. The movie is also very long at a whopping 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Cameron Slavin said, “I think the long wait was worth it. “Avatar: The Way of Water” had a great story and seeing it in 3D made it even better.”

Keeping the same trend as the first movie, “Avatar: The Way of Water” pits the Na’vi, avatars that inhabit their planet Pandora, against the humans. […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice vs Mt. Carmel Quarterfinal Preview


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

Brother Rice is set to play Mount Carmel in the quarterfinals of the playoffs. The game will take place this Saturday at 6 p.m. Mount Carmel is undefeated; however, the Crusaders gave them a tough time during the regular season when the Caravan scratched out a 28-21 victory.

The No. 24 Crusaders have been the underdog throughout their impressive playoff run. They defeated No. 9 Jacobs 27-0 in the first round of the playoffs. Then, they continued to defeat No.8 Collinsville 44-15 in the second round.

The No.1 Caravan has had a controlling playoff run as well. They defeated No.32 […]

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The Standard: Teacher Feature – Mr. Don Molenda


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

Mr. Molenda is currently teaching his 40th year at Brother Rice. He became interested in teaching because he wanted to coach. He coached track for 32 years and cross country for 35 years at Brother Rice.

It was very clear that Mr. Molenda loved coaching track and field and cross country during the interview.Mr. Molenda’s favorite memories at Brother Rice were, “Going down state, winning the Catholic League, winning the first regional, and winning the second regional.”

Mr. Molenda began teaching at Brother Rice because it was the only job he could get back in 1983.  He started off teaching […]

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The Standard: Trains Get Longer as my Patience Gets Shorter


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

I live east of the train tracks that run parallel with Rockwell Ave. To get to Brother Rice, I have to cross the train tracks every day. I typically leave 10 to 20 minutes before my first class in the morning. It is around an eight to ten minute ride unless a train decides to ruin my morning.

The time of the train and the traffic that follows guarantee a late slip for me. Since this caught my attention and annoyed me, I decided to talk to four of my friends that live east of the tracks as well.

Everyone […]

The Standard: Trains Get Longer as my Patience Gets Shorter2022-09-27T19:30:23-05:00


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