The Standard: Where Did All the Time Go?


By Patrick Panarese ‘24

My dad said, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

When hearing this for the first time, I laughed, but then soon realized he was right. I remember stepping into the halls as a freshman for the first time, scared to speak, do the wrong action, or even worse, get made fun of. All of these little thoughts were in my head going into this school, not wanting to make a mistake.

So I chilled out and coasted my freshman year, but my sophomore year I wanted to change it up. I met a role model, Andy Flores, Class of 2023, […]

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The Standard: A Midsummer Night’s Dream


By Patrick Panarese ‘24

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a compelling story about a man and a woman trying to marry, but are forced to marry to certain people.

This play was written and composed by none other than William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is known for his creative storytelling by using difficult language and meticulous blocking for actors. From a director’s perspective, it is hard to produce this show because you need talented actors, crew members, and advanced equipment to run it.

Director Ms. Julie McKee and Mother McAuley’s Thespians decided to take matters into their own hands and try to create an exciting and […]

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The Standard: World Down Syndrome Day


By Patrick Panarese ‘24

March 21 is known as World Down Syndrome Day, where people all around the world raise awareness for this cause. Brother Rice celebrated this day with all their might by holding a fundraiser called PALS.

PALS is an inclusive camp experience for people with and without Down Syndrome. This camp helps people with Down Syndrome meet new friends and create new friendships that they will have for the rest of their lives.

The Inclusion Club, which is run by Mr. Prunckle decided to dive right into this project. He looked for a student to take lead in the fundraiser. Junior […]

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The Standard: Crusaders for Inclusion


By Patrick Panarese ‘24

The Crusader community is starting a new program called Crusaders for Inclusion. This program helps all students to be included no matter what differences or disabilities they may have. With this program, members will be able to get help in the classroom, and participate in extracurricular activities inside and outside of school.

This organization will help out the incoming students in Mount Sion to be fully involved as a Brother Rice Crusader. The Mount Sion program helps out a small group of students who have special needs to still be able to learn in a safe environment and develop […]

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The Standard: Welcome to the Hall of Fame


By Patrick Panarese ‘24

Two new inductees, Steven Parker and Tom Evans, were put into the Brother Rice Hall of Fame, just recently. Both of these men contributed above and beyond to the Brother Rice community in many different ways.

The induction process occurs at the beginning of November. When November begins, a ballot sheet is presented to current Hall of Fame members. These members elect someone on the ballot to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Then, at a meeting the board members get to choose from the ballot sheets, and will be inducted into the H.

This process is simple but […]

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The Standard: The Show Must Go On


By Patrick Panarese24

The musical Chicago was performed at Mother McAuley Nov. 16-19 last week. People all over the South Side were excited to see this show. Cast members of the show were saying their friends and families thought of it as one the most flawless performances of Chicago they have ever seen. They didn’t notice any issues.

In theater, no matter how perfect the show is going, whether it is a terrible run or a perfect run, there are always problems that occur behind the scenes. Even though there can be a problem, the show must go on.

Senior Jack O’Malley played […]

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The Standard: Now Presenting Chicago the Musical


By Patrick Panarese ‘24

Have you ever wondered how Chicago was in the 1920s? Imagine the music playing in the most popular clubs and spots in town. Our next-door neighbor, Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School, is all set to present the musical Chicago on Nov. 16 and 19. The show starts at 7 p.m. on Thursday through Saturday and at 3 p.m. on Sunday.

All the cast members are enthusiastic about this high-energy and electrifying show. Junior Mike Heilmann plays the leading role of Billy Flynn, a defense attorney who helps the women of Chicago prove their innocence in criminal cases.

Mike was […]

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The Standard: The Chicago Cubs Playoff Chances have Increased


By Patrick Panarese ‘24

The end of the season is almost over and the Chicago Cubs are in it to win it. As of Sept. 24, 2023, the Cubs are 82-74. This record has put this team into fifth place in the National league, giving them a wildcard spot as of right now.

Today, the Chicago Cubs played against the Colorado Rockies, beating them 4-3. To win, Cubs third baseman Patrick Wisdom and catcher Yan Gomes both contributed 2 RBI’s. Wisdom’s 2 RBI’s got a 2-run home run during the bottom of the sixth inning.

After the game, starting pitcher Jordan Wicks said, “We […]

The Standard: The Chicago Cubs Playoff Chances have Increased2023-09-28T19:03:13-05:00


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