The Standard: Hairy Halloween


By Peter McShane ‘23

After a quick and easy day at school, I was so excited just to sit back and watch a scary movie because it was Halloween.

“Hi mom, how was your day?”

“It was great. What do you plan on doing tonight?”

“I’m just going to watch a movie in the basement if that’s alright.”

“Oh no you’re not. You’re passing out the candy.”

With complete distress on my face, I gave my mom a nod. I never liked passing out candy because it felt like a neverending cycle of little kids breathing their candy breath on me and asking for more candy.

As more […]

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The Standard: Should Brother RIce Bring Back the Ping Pong Table?


By Peter McShane ‘23 

With the new phone policy at Brother Rice, lots of students are very upset that they’re not even allowed to have them at lunch. Although there might be a slight chance that this rule could be changed, what if the school just brought back the ping pong table they got rid of in 2018?

Some of the teachers mentioned how students weren’t showing attention to their classmates because they were too busy looking at their phones at lunch, so what better way to have the kids socialize more than bringing back the ping pong table?

Robert Reagan said, “I think […]

The Standard: Should Brother RIce Bring Back the Ping Pong Table?2022-10-13T19:30:17-05:00


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