The Standard: All Good Things Come to an End


By Peter McShane ‘23

As I sit down to reflect on my four years of high school, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with emotion. The journey has been challenging, but it has also been incredibly rewarding. Looking back, I can say with confidence that my time at Brother Rice High School has been transformative. I have grown into the best version of myself, and I owe it all to the experiences I’ve had at this school.

It all started on my first day of freshman year when Mr. Alberts gave us what I interpreted as a silly speech about what it means […]

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The Standard: Almost Friday


By Peter McShane ‘23

After defeating the Mount Carmel Caravan 16-9 on Tuesday, the Crusaders were all set to play them again at home on Thursday.

Winning both games in the series would put Brother Rice in a great spot before playoffs, especially beating a great Carmel team in a great rivalry series. The Crusaders were in need for the sweep.

Senior Miguel Santos said, “It would be awesome if we were able to take down Mount Carmel twice in one week.”

Brother Rice got off to an amazing start, taking a 5-0 lead heading into the second inning. Tadgh Callaghan was able to hold […]

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The Standard: Almost Friday


By Peter McShane ‘23

Being almost done with four years of high school, there has been one thing I’ve noticed more than anything.

“I just got to get to Friday.”

“Couple more days until Friday.”

“Can’t wait for Friday.”

“I wish it was Friday already.”

The list goes on and on about students talking about how they just wish it was Friday, so this had me thinking: is there a way to fix this? After lots of time of thinking about this throughout my high school years, there has been one solution that comes to my mind, which is schools having every Wednesday off.

Ryan Manfre ‘25 had […]

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The Standard: Survive and Advance


By Peter McShane ‘23

After closing out the season with a win against the Bogan Bengals, Brother Rice earned the 2nd seed in their sectional for the IHSA playoffs. Set to play against Eisenhower High School in the first round, the Crusaders knew they needed to take every game seriously.

Senior guard Ahmad Henderson said, ”We all knew we needed to get going quick in this game. Every team we play from now on will give us everything they got. “

The Crusaders did just as Ahmad said. Taking a lead of 41-26 at halftime, the team felt great but knew the job wasn’t […]

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The Standard: The Crusaders Take Down the Meteors


By Peter McShane ‘23

After a very close win against Saint Ignatius College Prep, the Crusaders had to take on a very good CCL team on the road. This De La Salle team came into the game with a 16-8 record with a tough schedule; so they were a respectable team.

Junior guard Tre Dowdell said, “This was a very important game for us. We felt like we needed to beat a team by double digits to get the momentum going.”

The Crusaders did just as Tre said. Taking a lead of 37-20 at halftime, everyone on the team felt a good sense of […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Takes Down Bloom


By Peter McShane ‘23

After a gritty loss to the St. Rita Mustangs, the Brother Rice Crusaders needed a strong comeback win to get their momentum back, and they did just that. As they headed down to Mount Carmel High School to play Bloom Township, the boys all knew that this was a personal game because of what happened last year in the playoffs.

Junior forward Julian Gamboa said, “This was a huge game for us. Everyone on the team needed to step up, and we did just that.”

The Crusaders were going back and forth with Bloom during the first half. They had […]

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The Standard: Hairy Halloween


By Peter McShane ‘23

After a quick and easy day at school, I was so excited just to sit back and watch a scary movie because it was Halloween.

“Hi mom, how was your day?”

“It was great. What do you plan on doing tonight?”

“I’m just going to watch a movie in the basement if that’s alright.”

“Oh no you’re not. You’re passing out the candy.”

With complete distress on my face, I gave my mom a nod. I never liked passing out candy because it felt like a neverending cycle of little kids breathing their candy breath on me and asking for more candy.

As more […]

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The Standard: Should Brother RIce Bring Back the Ping Pong Table?


By Peter McShane ‘23 

With the new phone policy at Brother Rice, lots of students are very upset that they’re not even allowed to have them at lunch. Although there might be a slight chance that this rule could be changed, what if the school just brought back the ping pong table they got rid of in 2018?

Some of the teachers mentioned how students weren’t showing attention to their classmates because they were too busy looking at their phones at lunch, so what better way to have the kids socialize more than bringing back the ping pong table?

Robert Reagan said, “I think […]

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