The Standard: An Exceptional Senior Year


By Robert Regan ‘23

I didn’t think my senior year at Brother Rice would be any different than my previous three years of high school. It would be in the same place with the same people doing the same things. It turned out though, I was very wrong. So far, my senior year has been a very special and important year for me.

I had to make a lot of decisions this year. One such decision was what I wanted to study in college. Two classes I took this year were entrepreneurship and accounting, and both were taught by Mr. Kutsulis, aka “Coach […]

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The Standard: The Evolution of the 3-Rail Model Railroad Club


By Robert Regan ‘23

The Brother Rice 3-rail Model Railroad Club has rapidly grown over the past couple of years since its formation. The club started in 2021 and was founded by Charles Regan, currently a senior, who is very passionate about trains and the model railroad hobby. His strong leadership is the biggest reason why the 3-rail Model Railroad Club exists at Brother Rice High School today.

In the early days of the club, the meetings were held in the Cainkar Center and consisted only of discussions of different aspects of the model railroad hobby. Now, the club has its own room […]

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The Standard: Coach Lawler: New Lacrosse Head Coach


By Robert Regan ‘23

The Brother Rice lacrosse team has a new head coach for the 2023 spring season. His name is Coach Daniel Lawler, and the sport of lacrosse is most certainly his game.

Coach Lawler has an extremely impressive background in lacrosse. He attended St. Rita High School and played lacrosse at the school for four years. He played lacrosse his whole college career at Benedictine University, where he found much success on the field. Not only did he take on the role of team captain, but he also helped the team take home an NACC state championship.

Coach Lawler’s coaching record […]

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The Standard: Black History Month Celebration


By Robert Regan ‘23

On February 24, students from schools all over the Archdiocese of Chicago gathered together for a prayer service in honor of Black History Month. The service took place downtown at the famous Holy Name Cathedral, a stunning church featuring magnificent gothic architecture.

Ten Brother Rice students attended to represent the school at the service, who were led by Mr. Parker and Mr. McAuliffe.

The prayer service was a joyous celebration of African American history and outstanding individuals’ service to God. The six African Americans who are on their way to sainthood were featured by individual paintings and by each of […]

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The Standard: Newest Hall of Fame Members


By Robert Regan ‘23

The greatest honor a member of the Brother Rice faculty can receive is being inducted into the Brother Rice Hall of Fame. The newest inductees are ones that are more than worthy of the honor: Mr. Thomas McAuliffe and Mr. Frank DiNovella. These two members of the Brother Rice family embody the values of the school. Both of these men have put the institution that is Brother Rice High School far above themselves.

The faces of these two individuals are ones the Brother Rice community knows well.

Junior Dominic Pettenon said, “Frank is one of the most kind and compassionate […]

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The Standard: College Corner – DePaul University


By Robert Regan ‘23

Last Saturday, I left the safety of the South Side and ventured deep into the North Side of Chicago to the neighborhood of Lincoln Park. I braved the diagonal streets and Cubs fans for one reason: to take a campus tour of DePaul University.

The tour started at the admissions building and from there we walked to the quad, a large green area at the center of campus filled with trees and benches. We then went to the library, which is massive, with four floors filled with books and study areas. Then we looked at the student center, home […]

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The Standard: A Tale of Troublesome Trick-or-Treating


By Robert Regan ‘23

It was Halloween night, and I was stuck taking my two eight-year-old neighbors trick-or-treating, an unfortunate result of my mom running into their mom at the grocery store. Tommy and Ryan Murphy were twins, and they looked, as well as acted, like a couple of leprechauns.

When I went to pick the twins up at their house, I was dumbfounded to discover that they were both dressed as Batman. I already couldn’t tell them apart when they weren’t wearing identical costumes.

“What are you supposed to be?” Tommy Murphy smugly asked me.

I looked down at my dirty sweatshirt and ripped […]

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The Standard: Looking for Ghosts at the Lotz House


By Robert Regan ‘23

Saturday, September 24, marked National Ghost Hunting Day on the calendar. I got caught up in the holiday spirit, and celebrated the occasion as festively as I could. I traveled to Franklin, Tennessee, and visited the infamous Lotz House- one of the most haunted houses in the nation.

The main reason for the Lotz House’s haunted reputation is that a Civil War battle, “The Battle of Franklin” occurred, quite literally, in the house’s front yard. Over 2,000 men died in that battle, and historians say it was one of the bloodiest battles in the entire Civil War. After the […]

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