Ronan Dolan ’20

The Standard: The Return of the Weihnachtsfest Christmas Party


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

The German Club has become a staple of Brother Rice’s after school clubs and last weekend, the members decided to bring back a blast from the past.

The Weihnachtsfest Christmas Party was an annual celebration during the Christmas season that last appeared three years ago.

During this party, members have access to a plethora of German pastries, cookies and other delicacies, all for the low price of $4.

Perhaps the most sought after snack during the celebration is the bratwurst, which required a reservation beforehand.

Senior Tommy Gorman said “I loved the bratwurst so much, I decided to go home and tell […]

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The Standard: The Barry Family Poppi Swap


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

Every family has a holiday tradition, whether it’s a Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving or an Easter Egg hunt on Easter.

However, when it comes to my family, the annual tradition is an intense game to get the best present.

The rules of the game are similar to how most other families play an average White Elephant game.

First, every participant must bring a secret present that is under a $75 limit and will put that present into a pile. Then, all players must choose a number from a hat to determine the order of when each person chooses a present from […]

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The Standard: Edmund Rice Camp


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

A common phrase heard throughout the halls of Brother Rice is that “Brother Rice is for the boys.” The school’s first objective is to provide a proper Catholic education for boys and young men.

This includes providing a great camp during the summer for grade schoolers who want to come and experience Rice. But what about the kids who can’t exactly afford to attend this camp and still want to experience Rice?

Then those kids can turn to the Edmund Rice Camp, a completely free and fun week during the summer camp for underprivileged kids.

Facilitated by teachers Michelle England and […]

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The Standard: Veterans’ Day Prayer Service


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

On Thursday, Nov. 14, the solemn rhythms of “Taps” could be heard reverberating throughout the halls of Brother Rice.

For a few somber moments, the trumpets of band students John Klimczak and Ryan Kirchman were the only things the students could hear in the gym during the Veterans’ Day Prayer Service.

Last Thursday’s Veterans’ Day Service celebrated all of the veterans from around the world and from Brother Rice.

One of Brother Rice’s own, Jim Alberts ‘87, came and spoke to the students on his time serving as a military police officer during the late 80s’. Jim, brother of Rice’s principal […]

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The Standard: House Dublin’s Esteemed House Dean, Doc Luxem


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

If you find yourself walking the halls of the language department at Brother Rice, you would probably discover a room covered head-to-toe in German accessories. This room belongs to Brother Rice’s very own, Dr. Leslie Luxem.

Receiving her bachelors and masters degrees at the University of Florida, Doc went on to Rice University to receive her doctorate. Doc, who is going on her 20th year at Brother Rice, accomplishes a multitude of tasks from her very special classroom.

Of course, her most important task is as the German teacher at Rice.

Doc likes to maintain a classroom that is low pressure […]

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The Standard: Tough Homecoming for Varsity, Crusaders Fall to Vikings 10-21


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

Coming off a tough loss against Loyola the week before, the Brother Rice Crusaders needed to redeem themselves with a win on their homecoming against the St. Laurence Vikings.

The 4-2 Crusaders started the night kicking off to Lawrence and the standoff began with a back and forth fighting for a scoreless first quarter.

It was not until the first few minutes of the second quarter in which the Vikings put seven up on the scoreboard.

The Crusader offense responded with a drive down the field and freshman kicker, Jack Welniak, lined up at the 18 yard line and made the […]

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