The Standard: Golfing with the Boys


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

When this quarantine wraps up and we are free to do whatever we want, I think the thing I am most excited for is golfing with my friends.

During the summer last year, my friends and I spent much time at the golf course. The game is very calming but at the same time, it can be very exciting when you are surrounded by idiotic high school boys.

Racing the golf carts around and arguing with my friends about who is better at putting is just one of the things I miss about golfing.

Senior Charlie Fitzgerald says, “I am going […]

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The Standard: Missing the Water


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

The many months of this quarantine have been torture and lately I have been thinking of the first thing I will do once it is all over.

Seeing as the weather will be warm by the time June 1 rolls around, I believe that the best thing that I could do would be to take a nice swim. I miss the beach, the pool, and any other way of being able to cool myself in some cool water.

Senior Jack Eastman said, “I miss being able to take a ride over to Ridge Country Club and cooling off in its […]

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The Standard: “South Park”


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

In today’s society, comedy has devolved into boring soap shows, reruns of past comedies and weird cartoons. However, there is one gem that will always reign supreme over the comedy industry. That show is “South Park.”

No show has gone to the places that this show has gone to for the sake of comedy and because of that, it is amazing.

Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone in 1997, the show has become a staple in American society.

The show follows four children from the fictionalized town of South Park.  You probably already know the names and appearances of Stan, […]

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The Standard: “Curb Your Enthusiasm”


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

If you have been feeling down during this season of quarantine, I know a surefire way to turn your frown upside down, and it is with Larry David and his show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Larry David is best known for making the legendary and hilarious show, “Seinfeld.” Since 2000, he has been working on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

The show takes place during the modern day and follows the fictionalized life of Larry David. His life is shown as full of minor annoyance and inconveniences that produce hilarious situations for Larry.

The part of the show that really takes the cake is […]

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The Standard: Lenten Promises


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, a day celebrated by all Christians. The day celebrates Jesus’ arrival to Jerusalem and is the start of the season of Lent.

The start of Lent also means something else for Christians. It is the time of year where we decide to improve our lives in one way or another.

Senior Henry Barsch said, “I am especially excited for this Lenten season because this year I have decided to work on my procrastination with homework.”

Whether it’s by giving up something we have grown to love or making the promise to improve our lives, the Lenten […]

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The Standard: Dining with Dolan – Chicken and Potatoes


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

Americans eat a lot of food. Whether it is cuisine from some far-away land or a fake cheeseburger from your local fast-food chain, we will eat it.

However, many people in my generation do not know how to make some very basic meals such as a basic chicken and potatoes meal. That’s where I come in. By the end of this article, you should be able to make your own dinner tonight.

One important thing to mention before I give you my “recipes” though. I do not believe in given measurements or times for making food. The most important part […]

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Grant Gierhahn: A True Man of Edmund Rice


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

You may not know him, but you have definitely heard his voice. Senior Grant Gierhahn is the voice of BRTV, a full-time student and a journalist for the Standard here at Brother Rice.

Quite recently, Grant added another fascinating profession to his growing list of skills and qualities. Grant has recently received his IHSA certification for basketball officiating.

When asked why he wanted to become a referee for the league, Grant said, “I enjoy basketball in every facet of the game. Officiating during the winter months has not only been a great experience, but also a solid job during the […]

Grant Gierhahn: A True Man of Edmund Rice2020-02-06T23:32:38-06:00

Tide Pods, Tom Brady, and the Return of Mr. Peanut in the Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

Super Bowl Sunday is known as a day of football, food, and half-time shows. However, as the years have gone on, these three aspects of the day seem to be overshadowed by commercials.

These commercials bring out the most creative minds from all of the world’s largest corporations due to their hefty cost. The cost of a 30 second advertisement has reached a whopping $5.3 million, so these commercials are no joke.

This year boasted a wide array of wacky and fun commercials and these are my top 5 from Super Bowl Sunday.

5) Doritos Cool Ranch

Doritos decided to use the […]

Tide Pods, Tom Brady, and the Return of Mr. Peanut in the Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials2020-02-06T23:11:05-06:00

The Standard: The Return of the Weihnachtsfest Christmas Party


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

The German Club has become a staple of Brother Rice’s after school clubs and last weekend, the members decided to bring back a blast from the past.

The Weihnachtsfest Christmas Party was an annual celebration during the Christmas season that last appeared three years ago.

During this party, members have access to a plethora of German pastries, cookies and other delicacies, all for the low price of $4.

Perhaps the most sought after snack during the celebration is the bratwurst, which required a reservation beforehand.

Senior Tommy Gorman said “I loved the bratwurst so much, I decided to go home and tell […]

The Standard: The Return of the Weihnachtsfest Christmas Party2019-12-18T22:20:46-06:00

The Standard: The Barry Family Poppi Swap


By Ronan Dolan ‘20

Every family has a holiday tradition, whether it’s a Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving or an Easter Egg hunt on Easter.

However, when it comes to my family, the annual tradition is an intense game to get the best present.

The rules of the game are similar to how most other families play an average White Elephant game.

First, every participant must bring a secret present that is under a $75 limit and will put that present into a pile. Then, all players must choose a number from a hat to determine the order of when each person chooses a present from […]

The Standard: The Barry Family Poppi Swap2019-12-18T22:16:08-06:00


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