The Standard: The Rucking Crusaders Return


By Seamus Hanley ‘24

On Saturday, March 16, the Brother Rice rugby team kicked off their season with a friendly exhibition match against Bishop Dwenger High School of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The day started early for the team, as they left at 7:45 a.m. for a three-hour bus ride across Indiana.

Senior Diego Hernandez said, “Before the game, I was nervous for my first start. I wanted to hit someone as hard as I could.”

The team battled hard the first half, only being down 5-0 against one of the best teams in the state of Indiana.

Senior TJ McNichols said, “We played really strong […]

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The Standard: March (Not So Much) Madness


By Seamus Hanley ‘24

With the intramural basketball playoffs right around the corner, it is time to start preparing for the championship. A lot of teams stand out, but right now, my personal pick is Team Sloyan.

Senior Cole Adamski, a member of the team, said, “If we want to win, we gotta keep locking teams down and get Sloy the ball.”

This strategy has worked so far, as Sloyan is one of the top league scorers. Other teams haven’t fared so well, though.

Senior TJ McNichols said, “Our team faced a lot of adversity throughout the year, and right as we caught a groove, […]

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The Standard: The Crazy Crusade


By Seamus Hanley ‘24

This past Friday was a historic day for Brother Rice sports. To start the night, the Crusader Crazies piled into the North Gym to watch the Brother Rice Crusaders go up against the top ten ranked Mt. Carmel Caravan. The game went back and forth all the way into the fourth quarter, until senior Cale Cosme shot a dagger 3-pointer and the Crusaders started to run away with it.

Junior Aidan Nohava said, “It was one of the best game environments I had ever seen. Beating a team like that is what makes our guys stand out from the […]

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The Standard: Fear The Beard 2023


By Seamus Hanley ‘24

This past week, Brother Rice and the Advocacy Club kicked off Fear the Beard for the 2023 school year. The main idea of Fear the Beard is to raise money and awareness for families struggling with cancer.

A large population of the students look forward to the month of November, because if they pay the $50 fee to participate in Fear the Beard, they don’t have to shave.

Senior Brian Tuidor said, “Not only is it a reason not to shave, but it also helps a good cause.”

`Ultimately, it is the goal of the Advocacy Club to raise awareness for […]

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The Standard: The Fight for Advocacy


By Seamus Hanley ‘24

This past week, I was blessed enough to be invited to a two-day conference involving Edmund Rice’s mission of advocacy. We collaborated with Brother Rice in Bloomfield Hills, MI, as well as St. Laurence here in Chicago. This conference taught me ways on how to combat homelessness and raise awareness in my community.

One of the directors of the conference, Cormac McArt, told me why he thinks getting youths involved in the mission of advocacy is important.

Cormac said, “The young people in our schools are future decision makers, future voters. It is important that their voices are heard.”

The main […]

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The Standard: MHR Rib Fest


By Seamus Hanley ´24

Most Holy Redeemer hosted another very successful rib cookout contest. Many faces of Brother Rice, including Coach Lyons, Mr. Alberts, and Mr. Nye were some of the official judges of the contest.

Some familiar faces were present. My dad, Brendan Hanley, was on the team “Smoke of the Irish,” which placed 10th this year out of 40 teams. He has been doing rib cooking contests for the past 5 years and loves to grill for my family. “It was a fun day for me and my buddies,” he said, as he was content with the results.

Although the contest was […]

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