The Standard: Senior Year Wrap-Up


By Sean Deane ‘21

As senior year comes to an end, I cannot help but think about how different it would have been without COVID-19, but not in a bad way. The pandemic forced me out of my comfort zone.  I had been hanging out with the same group of friends and fallen into the same routine since I had started high school.  Most of those friends were guys that I knew from grammar school.

I still love all of those friends and hang out with them from time to time.  However, with all of the free time I had to think during […]

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The Standard: A One-of-a-Kind Prom


By Sean Deane ‘21

The Crusaders have been through a crazy year.  COVID-19, masks, hybrid learning, and scrambled sports schedules have already created a very different experience for students than in years past.  Prom is only a few weeks away, and it will not be spared from the wackiness.

This year’s prom will be held at Brother Rice.  It will either be in the gym or in tents set up on school property.  The event will be catered by food trucks.

This is vastly different from the typical Brother Rice prom which was held at a hotel downtown in a ballroom.

The seniors’ feelings about […]

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The Standard: A Convincing Victory for the Bowling Team on Senior Night


By Sean Deane ‘21

On March 2, Brother RiceTV hosted its first bowling broadcast in five years.  They could not have chosen a better match to broadcast as the Crusaders put on a show against the Marist Redhawks on Senior Night.

The Crusaders had impressive victories at both the varsity and junior varsity levels at Arena Lanes on Tuesday with both teams winning all three games.The varsity team, consisting of bowlers Colin Rice, Ryan Kirchman, Brennan O’Malley, Josh Bell, and Tony Lundy won by a total score of 3,155-2,570.  Each game in the series was won by an impressive margin.  The Crusaders managed […]

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The Standard: Super Bowl LV


By Sean Deane ‘21

Broken records, fans streaking, and a list of firsts for the NFL.  February 7, 2021, will go down in history as one of the most unique and historic Super Bowls of all time.

Tom Brady now holds the record as the only person with seven Super Bowl victories.  He has more Super Bowl wins than any team, has earned a trip to the Super Bowl in more than half of his uninjured seasons, and has played in 18% of all Super Bowls to date.

Senior Adam Homel said that he is surprised year after year by Brady’s ability to continue […]

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The Standard: Bears Playoff Run


By Sean Deane ‘21

After a rollercoaster ride of a regular season, the Chicago Bears have earned a spot in the Wild Card round of the NFL Playoffs.  They hope to beat the odds and last until February.  They will first have to overcome some major obstacles.

On Sunday night of Super Wild Card Weekend, the Bears will face off against the New Orleans Saints.  The Saints are a very good team, and playmakers such as future Hall of Famer Drew Brees and four time Pro Bowler Alvin Kamara will make the game very challenging for Chicago.

According to USA Today, the spread for […]

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The Standard: Cross Country State Series


By Sean Deane ‘21

The past three weeks have been very exciting for the cross country team as they competed in a very unconventional state series.

October 24 marked the regional championship held at the Ag School.  In the days leading up to this race, the coaches devised a plan for the team to beat an equally matched Richard’s squad.  Our top two runners were to stick with their first, and our third through sixth were to stay with their fourth man.

The plan went better than expected.  Eddie Burke and Mikey Corcoran both beat Richard’s David Olmos convincingly.  Connor Melean beat Richard’s fourth […]

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The Standard: Cross Country Senior Night


By Sean Deane ‘21

On Friday, Oct. 10, the cross-country team hosted its first ever Senior Night.  It was their second race on their new home course and the weather conditions were perfect.  Parents, coaches and runners alike experienced an event to remember.

After the gun went off to start the girls’ varsity race, the Brother Rice seniors and their parents walked out to the football field to begin the Senior Night Ceremony.  Each Crusader brought an orange rose out to their mother and was congratulated by Mr. Alberts, Mr. Donahue, and Mr. Prunty.

Senior Eddie Burke said that he really appreciated the event […]

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