The Standard: My Senior Year


By Sebastian Meraz ‘19

My senior year at Brother Rice. It’s been a wild ride.

From the beginning until the end, I made new friends and lost old ones. I found out more about myself and discovered new interests.

Now that I am currently done with high school it feels, different, and, to say the least I, miss it.

Although I love to wake up at 10 a.m., I feel incomplete. I don’t get to share a Belvita blueberry crisp with my good friend Cade in the morning before Vietnam, or hear my friend Noel Cervantes laugh.

I have learned so much this year through my […]

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The Standard: Why Crusaders Should Create a LinkedIn Profile


By Sebastian Meraz ‘19

Brother Rice is utilizing LinkedIn to take our Crusaders’ networking game to a whole new level inside the classroom and out.

Mr. Matt Prunckle and Mr. Dan Mostyn have recently been going around to classes explaining how our current seniors can take initiative with LinkedIn by networking with alumni.

Mr. Prunckle said, “Our main goal with LinkedIn is to engage our previous alumni with Brother Rice, we also want to help build our seniors network for the future.”

I also spoke with him about how younger Crusaders can get involved with LinkedIn. Mr. Prunckle said, “Freshmen, sophomores and juniors all have […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Hall of Fame 2019


By Sebastian Meraz ‘19

Every year students, faculty, alumni, and families fill Brother Rice’s south gym awaiting to find out who is being inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame.

This day is known amongst the Brother Rice community as Founders Day. On Founders Day, we are able to hear speeches and stories from students and faculty reflecting on their time at Brother Rice. This year we heard three stories from seniors: Andrew Thompson, Jalen Rheams, and Gerardo Chavez. These Crusaders shared their own stories about how Brother Rice has shaped them throughout their four year journey.

Jalen Rheams said “I was very honored […]

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