The Standard: Reflections of the Rucking Crusaders


By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

The Brother Rice rugby team was supposed to play Mount Carmel on March 22, but due to the weather, the game was canceled. The team was disappointed in the cancellation of the game, however they are excited for the game to be rescheduled.

Eoin Cox said, “I was pretty bummed when I heard about the cancellation because I was excited to play, but I am still excited to play them later in the season and show them how we play.”

The players just want to play more games. They want to face new competitors and show off their skills. The […]

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The Standard: Shadow Day


By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

Shadow Day is very important for grammar-schoolers to look at a school to see if that is where they want to spend the next four years of their lives.

The young students are able to see the school during a regular school day. They experience everything that happens on a regular basis.

The young kids are able to witness a high school level education. They can make sure that they truly want to attend the high school they shadow. They look for the school and its qualities, but also for the students and how they act and treat others.

Seventh grader […]

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The Standard: Edmund Rice Camp


By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

Edmund Rice Camp is a great camp for students to participate in. Students are able to help kids participate in activities that they usually are not able to do regularly. The students are the leaders of the camp and they are counselors.

Mr. Augustyn said, “Edmund Rice Camp gives you a great opportunity to receive all your service hours, free food, and a chance to work with some great people.”

This allows the students to take on responsibility. The counselors are in charge of taking care of a camper. The campers follow the counselors and the counselor makes sure that […]

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The Standard: Jacob Scholarship


By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

Shaun Jacob was a Brother Rice alumnus. He loved Brother Rice and was a great example of an exceptional Crusader. Shaun created a great environment for everyone around him. Everyone knew he was special.

Shaun played basketball at Brother Rice and loved the sport. He continued to play basketball at St. Ambrose University. He was a great team player. Everyone respected him and loved him as a teammate.

The Jacob scholarship is given to people who are tremendous students. You have to be an exceptional crusader and have to “Act Manfully in Christ Jesus.” It is a great honor to […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Soccer Playoff Game


By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

The Brother Rice Crusaders entered the playoffs as the one seed. Brother Rice is in the running for winning state. This has not been a factor since 2004.

Soccer at Brother Rice has had some rough patches lately, but everyone is saying that this is the year for Brother Rice soccer.

Senior Tyler Wojcik said, “This year is definitely our year to go all the way and win the whole thing.”

The soccer team’s eagerness to win has definitely shown. The team has already won the Catholic League and they have no plans of stopping there.

The Crusaders played Oct. 17, for […]

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The Standard: Catholic League Championship for Golf


By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

The Brother Rice Crusaders battled in the Catholic League Conference Golf Outing this past week. Many Crusaders participated in this event including Jack Keaty and Phil Cipriani. All of the Catholic League teams were fighting for a victory in the Catholic League Championship. Brother Rice had a hard fought day coming in seventh place.

Senior Owen McShane said, “The Crusader Golf Team played very well this whole year and I am proud to be a part of the team.”

Saint Ignatius fought the battle and won. Michael O’Keefe played for Mount Carmel with a score of 69 and was the […]

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