The Standard: Taco Bell’s Free Locos Tacos


By TJ Murphy ‘20

I used to think that nothing in life was free, until on Monday, April 6, when Taco Bell announced that they will be giving away free Doritos Locos Tacos on Tuesday, April 7, with no purchase necessary. All I had to do was go to the drive-thru and ask nicely.

I’m no fool, so I had to take up this offer.

Although I was nervous at first because of health concerns, when I rolled up to the window, I could clearly see that the employees were taking caution and they were wearing gloves and masks. I was very relieved.

I’ve been […]

The Standard: Taco Bell’s Free Locos Tacos2020-04-11T00:25:59-05:00

The Standard: Portillo’s Beef


By TJ Murphy ‘20

There was once a point in my life where I had never tasted a beef sandwich from Portillo’s. Crazy, right? I had no idea what I was missing out on!

Since we are all stuck in quarantine, I decided I would go out and enjoy a delicious beef sandwich from Portillo’s. My taste buds asked for some juicy beef, and I had to deliver.

I rolled up at the drive through and immediately noticed how long the line was. I was surprised because of everything that is going on. I guess we all just must have the same taste buds […]

The Standard: Portillo’s Beef2020-04-11T00:23:37-05:00

The Standard: Crusader’s Water Polo Takes Big Loss in the First Game Against De La Salle


By TJ Murphy ‘20

The Crusaders were hoping for a win against De La Salle to kick off the water polo season, but sadly a win was not in store.

The first quarter went great as the Crusaders held their weight. Seniors TJ Murphy and Andrew Cwik each scored a goal, along with junior Pat Ward and freshman Alex Chicowicz. The final score for the quarter was 4-3.

It was not until the second quarter in which the Meteors gained a huge lead, putting six goals up on the scoreboard.

During the third quarter, the Crusaders started to work harder, and were able to score […]

The Standard: Crusader’s Water Polo Takes Big Loss in the First Game Against De La Salle2020-03-14T01:14:35-05:00

The Standard: Intramural Floor Hockey is Finally Back!


By TJ Murphy ‘20

What’s fun, competitive, and has students waiting all year for? Intramural floor hockey!

The only thing that’s missing from this incredible sport is ice, and students can’t wait to lace up their shoes and play. Senior Ryan Rice said, “The only thing that’s keeping me interested in this final semester is Intramural Floor Hockey.”

The cost to play is a measly $10 per person, and each team must have at least 7 players.

The rosters can have up to 9 players, but no teams can change rosters after the first game of the season. All rosters must be completed and paid […]

The Standard: Intramural Floor Hockey is Finally Back!2020-03-14T01:04:47-05:00

The Standard: Do Students Actually Learn on E-Learning Days?


By TJ Murphy ‘20

When students are given a Friday off school, you’d think that they would be rejoicing in the halls, but some students are saying they’d rather have school than another e-Learning day.

E-Learning days are a new concept at Brother Rice where students get a work-at-home day with online work rather than having to write notes or take tests.

Working at home sounds like a nice vacation, but many students believe that they get more work on their “days-off” than they would coming to school.

“I think that they are unnecessary,” Jack Dejarld said. “I would prefer going to school to having […]

The Standard: Do Students Actually Learn on E-Learning Days?2020-02-12T22:06:49-06:00

The Standard: Netflix Original Series “Ragnarok” Review


By TJ Murphy ‘20

Netflix is supposed to be about convenience, so you can imagine my frustration when I would sit on my couch and spend more time browsing for movies than I would spend watching the movies.

After skimming a seemingly endless sea of movies and TV shows, the word “Ragnarok” caught my eye. I clicked on the title and without knowing what it was about, I started watching.

When it comes to TV shows, I have the bar set high; not only did “Ragnarok” meet my expectations, it exceeded them. The creators were able to successfully apply old stories to new concepts […]

The Standard: Netflix Original Series “Ragnarok” Review2020-02-12T21:54:53-06:00

The Standard: Last Swim in the Swamp


By TJ Murphy ‘20

On Tuesday, Jan. 6, the Brother Rice swimming and diving team took on the Caravan of Mount Carmel. The Crusaders finished the night victorious on varsity and junior varsity levels, and there were many impressive races from all of the Crusaders.

This night was special because it was Senior Night, where all the swimming seniors can reminisce about all they have done the past four years and finish their last home meet with a bang. These seniors include Owen Greybill, Andrew Cwik, Seth Miller, Ryan Kopale, and TJ Murphy.

Senior swimmer Owen Greybill commented that the Brother Rice Swim Program. […]

The Standard: Last Swim in the Swamp2020-01-18T16:30:25-06:00

The Standard: Old Tradition, New Resolutions


By TJ Murphy ‘20

Different holidays call for different celebrations and traditions. But, almost everywhere worldwide, there is at least one constant; to celebrate the new year.

One of the oldest and most celebrated traditions has been around for over 4,000 years. New Years’ resolutions are implemented around the globe each new year.  “New Year, New Me” is a term coined during the 80’s that calls for a turnaround in that person’s life.

Whether it improves health, self-esteem, organization, etc. it will always be beneficial to change an aspect of your life that needs improving. Many Brother Rice Crusaders took part in one of […]

The Standard: Old Tradition, New Resolutions2020-01-18T00:13:23-06:00

The Standard: Disney Premiers Brand New Streaming Service


By TJ Murphy ‘20

As streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are becoming increasingly prominent, Disney has decided to join in on the profits.

A few months ago, Disney announced their all-new streaming service, Disney+, in hopes of increasing their revenue. Since Disney owns networks such as Fox, ABC, ESPN, The History Channel and film companies such as Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilms, they were offering a lot for a cheap price.

Disney+ was released on Tuesday, Nov. 12, and despite some technical problems and server failures on the first day, it was a major success; nearly 10 million people signed up. After the free […]

The Standard: Disney Premiers Brand New Streaming Service2019-11-23T17:13:48-06:00

The Standard: Three Seniors Commit on National Signing Day


By TJ Murphy ‘20

National Signing Day was Tuesday, Nov. 12, and Brother Rice was sure to get a piece of the action. Three students of the class of 2020 committed to colleges.

In baseball, Jack Payton received an almost-full tuition scholarship to University of Louisville and Micah Gouwens received a scholarship to University of Wisconsin – Parkside. In soccer, Jack Finnegan received a full-ride offer to University of Wisconsin. All three students have had successful sports careers here at Brother Rice and plan to continue as they head to college.

“When I go out on the diamond I only want to get better, […]

The Standard: Three Seniors Commit on National Signing Day2019-11-21T23:54:23-06:00


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