The Standard: Warzone vs. Fortnite


By Tom Devine ‘20

They are both the hottest games to play right now. Most people claim that they cannot put these games down.

I am talking about Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite.

Both games are battle royale style games. They are also free to play for everyone, which I like. All platforms can download the games from PS4, Xbox One, and computers.

Here is the good part – my comparisons and ratings toward both games.

Warzone is harder to play since there are 150 players instead of 100 players like Fortnite.  Warzone is better than Fortnite since it is more realistic as opposed to […]

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The Standard: Party at the Beach


By Tom Devine ‘20

It was a bright summer day and the beach was “bumpin.” No, not quite. The day was full of cold shivers on the beach. The irony in that! However, the shivers paid off because the Chicago Polar Plunge happened.

On March 1, 2020, Brother Rice and Mother McAuley students participated in the polar plunge. The Polar Plunge was the 20th annual year held in Chicago. The event is geared to help Special Olympics Chicago.

The group’s combined goal was $2,000 and ended up raising over $10,000!

The Brother Rice baseball team took part in the event as well.

“The plunge was a […]

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The Standard: Wolves of Pulaski


By Tom Devine ‘20

The stress, the risks, the chances! One move, and you can be sitting pretty; but one bad decision and you will be caught begging for a second chance. Welcome to the Brother Rice Investment Club!

The Brother Rice Investment Club participates in the Chicago High School Stock and Options Contest through the website MarketWatch and competes against various high schools such as De La Salle Institute, Jones College Prep, Whitney Young College Prep, and Trinity High School. Brother Rice alumni, Tom Wegisin, coordinates the program. Mr. Wegesin is a proud 1998 alumni.

Each participant in the club has $100,000.00 of […]

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The Standard: Little Red Riding Hood – Chicago Edition


By Tom Devine ‘20

No, there’s not another alligator in the Humboldt Park Lagoon. This time, the coyotes have wandered their way into the streets of Chicago.

Expert researchers have been tracking the movement of coyotes throughout the past years. Although coyotes have been spotted in the northern part of Cook County, it is not usual for them to be seen in Chicago.

Multiple coyote sightings in Chicago were reported in early January. Researchers claim that coyotes will come to populated areas in search of food to feed their young.

“It’s pretty crazy to hear about the news of the coyotes. I hope people in […]

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The Standard: Sweet as Apple Pie


By Tom Devine ‘20

There are not too many better feelings than getting a whiff of fresh apple pie right out of the oven.

On Nov. 5, ten hungry Crusaders got to experience that wonderful scent from the Brother Rice cooking class.

Students met in the Brother Rice cafeteria to take part in the class. The class went from 5:30 to roughly 7 p.m.

Upon arrival, the aspiring chefs were greeted by Br. Hayes, who showed them the steps to create the pies. Br. Hayes was just the right fit for instructing class, not only because of his “master chef” abilities, but also his great […]

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The Standard: Like it was Meant to Be


By Tom Devine ‘20

Have you ever thought something was “meant to be?” This scenario is how most Chicagoans thought about David Ross recently in the news.

On Oct. 28, the Chicago Cubs front office announced that former player, David Ross, will be the new skipper for their ball club. During the opening news conference for Ross, Cubs President Theo Epstein explained how Ross was the “perfect” fit for the young team.

Baseball fanatics and classmates Dan Hackett and Mike Flynn had an opinion about hiring, and they had mixed thoughts.

Dan said, “I am looking forward to the foreseeable future in the Cubs franchise. […]

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The Standard: 16” Softball in the Park


By Tom Devine ‘20

On Sept. 7, the Crusaders came out victorious.

The Chicago White Sox hosted eight Chicago area high schools to participate in the Play Ball Initiative at Armour Park. The single-elimination 16” softball tournament was the first year Brother Rice played.

Brother Rice’s team was made up with 14 players, and coached by baseball coach, Tim O’Connell.

Brother Rice started off in a momentous win against Washington High School. Senior Nate Sobek came up with huge defensive plays at first base. After the game, Nate said, “I knew I had to support my team in some way. Although, the win was a […]

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