The Standard: My Senior Year at Brother Rice


By Tom Golon ‘22

Everyone always tells you how fast your high school years will fly by, but nobody seems to comprehend how fast it will actually go until it has gone.

Playing soccer was always my favorite sport as a child, and this year I played in my last soccer game ever. It was the only sport that I played for all four years at Brother Rice. The sport taught me a lot of things and definitely contributed to my growth as an athlete and a student. Thanks to great coaches along the way, soccer had a large impact on my life […]

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The Standard: Chicago Cubs 2022 season preview


By Tom Golon ‘22

With the MLB lockout officially coming to an end, Opening Day is scheduled for Apr. 9. The Cubs will open up at home against the Milwaukee Brewers.

There are many uncertainties within the Cubs roster and I am very excited to see how it will play out. Manager David Ross signed a 3-year extension securing him until 2024.

“I don’t think Ross is the man for the job,” said Ray Barkmeier ‘22. He has yet to show Chicago what he is all about; one year is not enough to determine whether he deserves the job.

Cubs fans are still recovering from […]

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The Standard: The Return of the South Side Irish Parade


By Tom Golon ‘22

The South Side Irish Parade is scheduled to return this year in Chicago. The neighborhood of Beverly and other surrounding neighborhoods are ecstatic to hear the news. The parade will take place on Sunday, March 13, on Western Ave.

With all of the negativity going around in today’s world, the return of the parade is a sure-fire morale booster. “I can’t wait to wear my giant leprechaun costume to the parade,” said senior Joe Ternes. Irish pride will be flowing through Chicago.

I, myself, will be in attendance at the parade along with my family. We always wake up early […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Soccer Season Wrap-up


By Tom Golon ‘22

The Brother Rice soccer team, coached by Matt Prunckle and Kevin MacAlinden, had a season to remember. The Crusaders had been struggling to find success since star player Jack Finnegan graduated.

However, this year was different; the Crusaders brought in a very strong freshman class. The Crusaders starting lineup for their first game of the season consisted of 6 freshmen, 1 sophomore, 2 juniors, and 2 seniors. The kicking Crusaders started off the season hot with a record of 5-2, making it clear that Brother Rice was going to be a competitor this season.

Things took a turn for the […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Homecoming 2021


By Tom Golon ‘22

Brother Rice will host its annual homecoming dance on Saturday, Oct. 9. The dance will run from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. Students must arrive before 8:00 p.m. and must leave by 10:20 p.m. All students must bring a date.

The dance is highly anticipated due to last year’s dance being canceled due to COVID.

“I am very excited to finally be able to have a normal homecoming, I think it will be a blast,” said Student Council President Pat Galeher.

The theme for the dance is Mardi Gras, and students can purchase a t-shirt online. The school week will be filled […]

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