The Standard: Jack Harlow’s Halftime Monstrosity


By Tommy Scott ‘24

During the Thanksgiving matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions, Jack Harlow arguably gave the worst halftime performance ever. His performance looks even worse than it already did when seen next to Dolly Parton’s.

Junior Pat Hermanson said, “Jack Harlow should’ve been more like Dolly.”

The performance lasted six minutes, and nearly all who saw it said it was underwhelming. To put how underwhelming the performance was into perspective, the stage didn’t take up half the field in length. It seemed they laid a tarp on the field, gave Harlow the microphone, and told him to play. […]

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The Standard: The War in Israel


By Tommy Scott ‘24

The current conflict in Israel has a complex history dating back over 70 years. In 1947, the United Nations came up with a plan to split Palestine into Jewish and Arab states. This plan was rejected by Arab leaders. This rejection has led to years of conflict and tension between the religions.

The most recent conflict started on Oct. 7 when Hamas attacked the Gaza Strip in Israel, supposedly launching over 5,000 rockets and killing more than 8,000. Of the 8,000 killed, 3,400 were children.

Senior Eoin Cox said, “These attacks are brutal, and these kids need to be saved.”

Hamas […]

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The Standard: Ole Miss Defeats LSU in Exhilarating Shootout


By Tommy Scott ‘24

The stadium was electric from kickoff to the last second of the Ole Miss vs. LSU game. Saturday night, Vaught Hemingway Stadium was packed. Over 60,00 fans crowded the stadium to watch this SEC showdown.

Quinshon Judkins and Ulysses Bentley opened up the scoring for the Rebels in the first quarter to put the team up 14-0. The Tigers answered with just 1:25 left on the clock; however, this was enough time for Ole Miss to score another touchdown, bringing the first quarter to an end at 21-7. I was fortunate enough to be at this game, and the […]

The Standard: Ole Miss Defeats LSU in Exhilarating Shootout2023-10-07T21:49:01-05:00


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