The Standard: USA Hockey Implementing Neck Guards


By Tommy Witt ‘24

A few weeks ago in the European Hockey League, a tragic accident occurred causing Adam Johnson to lose his life. While skating into the zone, an opposing player was tripped, causing him to fly into the air uncontrolled and cutting Johnson in the neck with his skate blade. This is an extremely rare occurrence that turned tragic for the hockey community. Once sliced, Johnson’s teammates and trainers rushed to give him medical attention and transported him to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, too much blood was lost and Johnson passed away.

This incident caused outrage in the hockey community for […]

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The Standard: ACTION Advocacy Leadership Workshop


By Tommy Witt ‘24

On Oct 13, Mr. Mike Dolan, along with select Brother Rice students, traveled to Kearny, New Jersey, for the weekend to be a part of the ACTION Advocacy Leadership Workshop. Over 50 students from Edmund Rice schools around North and South America attended the workshop.

This year’s theme was based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically focused on protecting the ecosystem. While working on protecting our environment, students developed ideas on how to clean local parks, as well as develop a marketing campaign.

Junior Matt Phelan said, “It was truly an unforgettable experience. I had the opportunity to […]

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The Standard: A Visit to Coastal Carolina University


By Tommy Witt ‘24

On a family vacation over the summer, I decided to visit Coastal Carolina University. I became interested in Coastal Carolina after watching college football last year. I noticed the unique teal football turf and decided while in the area, why not take a visit? In addition, any school with a campus situated nine miles away from the beach has my attention.

Coastal Carolina has a student body of just over 10,000 situated in Conway, South Carolina. The athletic teams compete in the Sun Belt conference, which is NCAA Division 1. Coastal Carolina is also fairly easy to get into […]

The Standard: A Visit to Coastal Carolina University2023-09-28T19:05:23-05:00


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