By Griffin Conners `22

Monday, Feb. 21, was an eventful day at 99th and Pulaski. Brother Rice hosted a 7th grade shadow day. The young students were lucky to experience a day in the shoes of a Crusader.

They walked the halls, learned in the classrooms, played games after school, and also attended the pep rally. The shadows also received a free Brother Rice cafeteria lunch.

Matt Cleary, a shadow from St. Germaine said, ¨I have heard about how good the cookies were and they definitely lived up to the expectations.¨

Another event on Monday was the school wide pep rally. The pep rally was to recognize all winter athletes. The basketball team was recognized for their outstanding 20 win season. Also, First Team All Conference Ahmad Henderson and Third Team Nick Niego were both announced.

The marching Crusader band was also recognized for making it to state. However, the main emphasis of the pep rally was to honor the nine individual wrestlers who made it to Champaign for state.

Eight of them got their own entrance into the gym, with their fellow students clapping. Lastly, state champion Tommy Bennett entered the gym. He strutted into the gym with the cardboard bracket and the first place medal. As he walked in, the gym blew up like it was a game winner at a basketball game against Marist.

Tommy absolutely was sure the gym was going to blow up. He said, ¨When I ran out on the floor at the pep rally I was excited because I knew everyone was gonna get loud to support me and the team. Knowing my friends care about the work I put into winning means a lot to me.¨

After the school day, the shadows went to the Theology Center to listen to a speech about life as a Crusader. Following that, they went to the gym to play basketball with Coach Frasor and dodgeball with Coach McBride.

Overall, the shadow day was a perfect day for future crusaders to experience Brother Rice.  Senior Maurice Brown said, ¨I think we demonstrated Brother Rice well because we show overall how fun going to this school is and how the people at this school are.¨

Grammar school students can come experience the brotherhood at Rice any day, not just a shadow day.