By Nick Niego ‘23

Wow! I cannot believe my time here at Brother Rice is coming to an end. It feels like just yesterday I was coming in to pick up my last schedule card.

I will never forget the Brother Rice meet and greet that took place when I was in 7th grade. Recent graduates of Brother Rice spoke at the event and a few words from that night have stuck with me 5 years later.

“Four years at Brother Rice might seem like an eternity, but it will go by in a blink of an eye.”

Those words were said that night, and my time here at Brother Rice truly did go by in a blink of an eye. Looking back at my four years, I have too many good memories to count, but I will bring you back to the best moments of my senior year.

The first set of memories come during the football season. Sitting in the Crusader Crazies and watching the wild football games is something I will never forget. The freezing cold nights watching the team win was all worth it.

The fall went by fast and next up was winter and the basketball season.

Playing on Friday nights in the Catholic League is one of the best feelings in the world. We had a senior filled team which made the season even better. Playing in so many big games with the gyms packed to the brim made my jaw drop. I still get chills to this day thinking back about the St. Rita game in the playoffs. The gym was absolutely electric, and it was so loud that you could not even hear your teammates five feet away from you. It was an amazing feeling to beat Rita at their gym in front of the whole neighborhood.

Although we fell short of our goal of winning a state championship, we did have the most wins in Brother Rice basketball history with a record of 30-5.

That span from November to March felt like a week. It went by so fast that I realized spring was here and my final months at Brother Rice have approached.

I really tried to have fun and enjoy my last few months at school with my friends. Sharing laughs with classmates to watching the baseball games was a great time.

Although it is very sad that my time is coming to an end, all of the ups and downs and memories I made at Brother Rice will live with me forever.