By Ronan Dolan ‘20

You may not know him, but you have definitely heard his voice. Senior Grant Gierhahn is the voice of BRTV, a full-time student and a journalist for the Standard here at Brother Rice.

Quite recently, Grant added another fascinating profession to his growing list of skills and qualities. Grant has recently received his IHSA certification for basketball officiating.

When asked why he wanted to become a referee for the league, Grant said, “I enjoy basketball in every facet of the game. Officiating during the winter months has not only been a great experience, but also a solid job during the school year.”

Senior Bill O’Connell said, “I have always enjoyed listening to Grant’s commentaries of basketball and football games. He’s always been a fan of sports in general, so I was not surprised to hear that he had become a referee.”

Grant is starting his reffing career by working with 3rd/4th graders, mainly at the Ridge Park League. Although these games for younger players may be a little chaotic, they are good practice for Grant’s budding career.

Grant said, “I feel reffing is something I can continue for my whole life long. It is something I really enjoy and will improve with experience.”

Senior Ryan Rice said, “I hope that one day I can see Grant officiating a high school, college, and maybe even a professional basketball game. That would be so epic.”

Grant’s story is just one of hundreds of stories of all the amazing students that Brother Rice High School is growing to be proper young men.