By Justin Jefferson ‘20

Jack Lausch has been a headline in many stories this past month. The young talented star has lead the Brother Rice Crusaders to a second straight semi-finals while only playing quarterback going into the end of the season.

Most people would fail if challenges like this came at them so unexpectedly, but not Jack Lausch. He said, “I love adversity and having a challenge. I feel that I am a person who is meant to exceed expectations and do extra things that nobody else does.”

Lausch not only plays football, he also pitches for the Brother Rice baseball team and is a member of the National Honors Society. You may wonder – how does sophomore Jack Lausch handles all of these responsibilities?

According to Jack, “It does get tough sometimes, especially when I get home late from practice, but I try to get schoolwork done whenever I can. I just try my hardest to do well on the tests in each of my classes because those are what make up a big part of my grade.”

This simple strategy works. Lausch is not only doing excellent on the baseball diamond and football field, but he is also carrying a 4.71 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Lausch says that he loves Brother Rice High School: “My last year and a half at Rice has been amazing. I have met so many friends in my grade, younger, and older. I’m very thankful for the brothers that I’ve made through sports and I’m glad that they brought me in. I love being at school and enjoying the day with my boys.”

Well, the school loves you back, Jack.

He is already stating his claim for becoming one of the greatest student-athletes to contribute to Brother Rice. He has become a representation of what a student from this school should be.

That is, an excellent student, an excellent athlete, and an excellent person.