By Becky Pacetti

It’s 6th period on Friday, May 12, and it’s really quiet in Room 103.  No “hey, Ms. Spaghetti” from Barnold, no “tell us about college” questions from Morrison, no chatter about the weekend … silence. Now I shouldn’t be complaining about silence in a classroom (most times it would be really nice to have a quiet class), but this time, I’m not liking it.  

My senior English 4 Journalism guys have been gone for about 20 minutes, and I’m missing them already.  They were an amazing class:  creative, collaborative, and just a nice group of kids.  

There was very little whining about too much work. Okay, that’s not totally true – they did whine a bit.  But for the most part, they did great work; they produced some exceptional stories for The Standard, and The Crusader yearbook they created this year is a visual masterpiece.  It is full of innovative graphic art that these guys worked hard to create.  I am so proud of the work this class did this year, and if you’ve been following our Twitter page, you’ll know what I mean.

I would be remiss if I did not send a major shoutout to our editor-in-chief, Patrick Mahanes.  He was a superhero, editing every article that every guy wrote for The Standard.  He proofed over 150 pieces this year, and he always did so in a timely and immaculate manner.  Thanks for all your dedicated work, Patrick!

The upcoming posts are the last pieces from the Class of 2023 staff of The Standard which are posted on the Brother Rice website and Twitter.  I think you will find them thoughtful, funny, and they may even bring a tear to your eye (I confess – I cried!).  We always check for comments and “likes”, so if you enjoy a story, please give the writer a “like” or comment; I know the lads will appreciate that.