By Matt Murphy ‘21

The outcome of 2020 so far has certainly been the least expected. Schools shutting down, companies going out of business, sports being canceled, and the unemployment rate going up – this year seems to be going down as one of the worst years in American history. Many people didn’t think this would last this long.

In fact, people had to start to adapt to the new way of life by following new protocols put in place such as wearing masks and socially distancing. Many businesses and sports have begun to return to a semi-normal life; however, IHSA sports have not.

The state of Illinois is one of the few states that aren’t allowing their high schoolers to compete in the football season which was expected to begin this fall. It all falls under one man’s decision, Governor Pritzker, who refuses to give the IHSA the green light.

After months of discussing possible protocols for the players and coaches to follow, Pritzker still doesn’t feel the need to let them play. He feels too many risks are in play with the amount of contact in the game of football. The act of not allowing them to play has put many Illinois residents in a state of anger and frustration, causing players and families to take a stand and use their voices.

On Sept. 19, hundreds of high school athletes and their families gathered in the city of Chicago to take a stand which they called the “Let Us Play” rally, in order to persuade Governor Pritzker to make a decision. They are willing to take the risks with given protocols to have kids, especially seniors, be able to play ball this fall. With the virus continuing to get worse and worse, no one knows what we will see in the future. As of now, the season is to be played in the spring of 2021, but players and coaches remain determined to fight for a kickoff this fall.